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This is my next-to-last post for a while – the length of my “blogattical”  has not yet been determined, nor has the decision been made as to whether I will post occasionally during my hiatus. I will take things as they come – and I ask you to post a comment on any of my posts whenever I might come to mind.  You are all invited to drop me a quick e-mail at paulatc@hotmail.com should the burning desire to be in contact with me arise.  I will respond – as soon as I am able.  The problem with responding right now is that I am still wading through a huge backlog of e-mails from my 3-day suspension of internet activity.  I had over 800 e-mails to deal with.  I still have about the same amount, because as quickly as I dispose of some, new ones come in. . .I’ll bid you my “farewells” tomorrow.  Today is just for fun.

The words/phrases in the graphic “Wordle” above were used last week by unknown readers that were referred here by Google or whatever search engine they used.  I thought it fitting for me to begin my “blogattical” – my willing suspension of daily blogging – with a final parting shot – another ridiculous nonsense poem, for which I have become “famous.” (HAH!)  In this poem I will use all the terms in the Wordle.**  All of you who would like to, give it a try of your own.  It might make for some interesting poetry.  BTW, for this challenge, rhyme and meter, no matter how inept, is required.  Have fun!  Even if you don’t pen a masterpiece – at least enjoy reading the other attempts!

One dark and stormy night it all began
With an In Leah’s Wake summary  I’d penned long ago.
It ended with dateline 8/19/11
Posted by Hubs about my doctor’s sew
Of the incision he’d sliced in my arm that day
It seems my surgeon – most aptly named “Cutting”
Had decided his skills were needed
In spite of my protests – “what if-ing” and “but-ing.”
He proceeded to practice his art on my arm –
A crosshatch portrait in stitches and lines
With a background of bruises shaped like clouds
Of multiple colors and abstract designs.
The news that my full recovery was expected
Was met with “Hurrahs!” and get well cartoons
Along with assorted comments from readers
Like “That’s good to know”s and “Get well soon”s.
In the meantime I rested in a misty haze,
A drug-induced nebulae around me
It masked only briefly a searing pain
That would descend to dismay and confound me.
But other drugs soon came to my aid
Though they brought with them a crazy illusion:
A walking, chatty cherry tree neighbor
Who insisted I stay in seclusion.
Hubs posted August 19, 2011 dateline,
I was sleeping or otherwise complaining
Or mentally writing  poems about braggers
And feeling my energies draining.
But a bizarre notion came clearly  to mind
And I felt all my strength returning
I imagined the sight of Nancy Hatch naked
No wonder I felt my face burning!
I thought then if I feel embarrassed
I wonder what Nancy will feel
What will she see as her best and last option,
Will she laugh, be insulted, or squeal?
Most people would likely ignore her complaint
And the deadline for litigation is past.
Besides, the dateline fri 8-19 verdict
On my drug-induced thought has been cast.
At last I have come to the end of this poem
I’ve only one search term left to use:
But,”Round space mirror in space with empty image?”
With so many rhyming options, I refuse to choose!

So, I guess that will have to be enough. . .   

(**  So sorry Nancy – I went past your suggested 12-line limit – but at least it’s not 12 stanzas!  And this entire post is under 650 words!)