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See you later!

I won’t be posting for a while.  Can’t tell you for how long – it depends on a lot of factors.  I’ll miss this blog – it serves as an outlet for my feelings and thoughts, my opinions and concerns.  Sonya (my computer) and/or her keyboard always listen to what I say and pay attention to what I write,  (if she transcribes me less than perfectly, I consider the source, and forgive her), but she gives very little feedback.  You, however, have offered me what she could not, and I am grateful.

The reasons for taking this sabbatical – my so-called “blogatical” – are many and varied, but none of my reasons have to do with being burnt out, at least in the classic sense.  I do not believe that I will ever run out of things to say, to write about, to “poeticize,” to rant about, or to rave about.  I have, however, run out of steam.  The heat it takes to continue my “Post-a-Day,” in addition to working on my memoir, and my poetry “chapbook” has, quite simply, become more than I am able to produce.  Right now, there’s not enough heat to make my “mental teakettle” whistle all the tunes my projects require.  Having gone under Dr. Cutting’s knife four times within the past year probably has something to do with the overall fatigue.  But I received a very clear signal that something had to give when I found I was needing to take pain medication almost every time I sat down at the computer, in an effort to continue doing what I loved.  The quality and readability of my writing was suffering, and for someone who runs off at the keyboard as well as at the mouth, my readers were faced with a formidable task just to slog through each day!  So, I do thank you all for bearing with me!  Yes, I write for myself primarily, but I also write to entertain, amuse, to share and perhaps to inform all my wonderful Gentle Readers.  I want my blog to be a pleasure to read and not a chore.

Like General MacArthur, “I shall return!”  I take too much pleasure being in contact with you all to leave you forever.  In the meantime, I might post a photograph or two on occasion.  Zoë will be one year old on September 7, so there will probably be photos of her as I am sure you can imagine! Nancy Hatch had an idea for me today about a way to keep my blog simmering while I’m away, and I think I might take her up on it!  This link will take you to the comments section of that blog post.

Hubs and I are actually taking a vacation away from home this fall – we are going to drive up to visit dear friends and relatives and walk through some of our old haunts in New England – primarily Connecticut, Massachusetts, and upstate New York, and perhaps a quick side trip to Vermont, depending on how we feel.  We plan on taking our time and spending as little of it in the car as possible!

So, to all my Gentle Readers – all my staunch blog friends who have been with me from the beginning, and also those who have come into my fold more recently – I cannot even begin to thank you all for the support and constant encouragement that you have offered.  You will probably never know how much it all has meant and continues to mean to me.

See you later!  I trust you will always be wrapped in the knowledge that each of you has, without and within,  the abundance of enough. . .


It might seem trite or sentimental.
To amend this post with poetry,
But for me at this time, it’s elemental 
 To exhibit some verbal “coquette’ry.”
 So I say to you all as I wave good-bye,
 “Spending time with you is stimulating,
And I can think of no reasons why
I’d ever consider attenuating 
My penchant for using five-dollar words,
Or seemingly endless displays 
Of long boring slide shows of insects and birds,
And multiple floral bouquets.
No way!  I’ll be back to plague you once more
With my acronyms, poems, photos, and tales –
I could learn to edit, (that thing I deplore),
But that’s where my talent fails.
So settle down while I’m gone, take a nap,
Relax, rest your eyes – all that stuff
I’ll be back before long to fill in the gap
That comes from not getting enough. . .”