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Couldn’t stay away from this challenge of Sidey’s.  The weekend theme being “Competition,” just got my competitive nature all juiced up.  I have found that competition is very important to me, although it is only over the past several years that I have been willing to say so.  But, my competition is almost never with another person – friend or foe.  Most of my competition is with myself.  I find myself trying to “one-up” previous “feats” of my own.  In the process, I have discovered this about myself: I am seldom satisfied with the outcome of any of these “competitions,” and regardless of how bad I think the outcome is, in retrospect, it is almost always better than the next.  Go figure.

As my sneaky way of getting two posts into one, I have given you that little treatise and confession about one aspect of my competitive nature.  In thinking about the subject, I decided that I could also show you a few recent photos of the nature of competition in the natural world.  (Oh, BTW, these photos are really bad – you should  take a look at the better ones I did last time!  :lol:)  Other than the self-created competitions of my life, the natural world is in an almost constant state of competition – competition for space, food, life. . .  For example:

As always, I continue to hope and wish for you all, enough. . .

(Despite my desires for the configuration of this slideshow [a new service that I am experimenting with], it plays in a continuous loop.  There is an order.  If possible, begin with the photo of the butterfly in flight, captioned “Coming in for a landing.”  Final photo is of a praying mantis, captioned “Leave, or else. . .”   Captions are visible by holding cursor over the photo)