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So we left St. Simon’s island on Monday morning, and arrived at Charleston, SC for a couple of days of (unashamed) tourist-style living.  I say “unashamed,” because two of our sons lived on the Outer Banks of NC for a few years and suffered the agonies of trying to navigate daily to their jobs and errands because of so many moronic tourists – totally clueless people, who have no idea what they are doing, where they are going, or why they are going there, and don’t mind causing traffic delays while they are making up their minds!  They have been dubbed “Tourons” (tourist morons) by our sons, and other “locals.”  So Hubs and I decided to be tourons for a couple of days and see as much of Charleston as we could.  It has been ages and ages since either of us visited, so it was like going to a totally foreign city!  What we saw we loved, and Ashley, once again found the intersection of Ashley Drive and Calhoun Street.  A photo he took of the street signs will be posted later.  His Dad took a photo of it when Ashley was very young, so we have both photos.  I had wanted to take a photo of him standing beneath the signs, but as you will soon learn, that was impossible for me.

We arrived Monday evening, and had dinner in Mt. Pleasant, a nice city/town just north of Charleston, directly across the magnificent Cooper River Bridge from Charleston!  One of the most beautiful modern bridges I have ever seen!  Tuesday morning we made arrangements to visit Cypress Gardens (not the Florida tourist attraction), located in Moncks Corner, SC – about 40 minutes from Charleston.  We had a fantastic time – it was a gorgeous day, and every minute was enjoyed.  I had awakened that morning feeling a little wobbly in the knees, but put it out of mind, did my best to ignore it, and other than tiring a little easier than usual, I was fine.  We went out to eat that evening at a really neat little local place in Mt. Pleasant (where our hotel was).  I was almost too tired to go, but decided at the last minute to make the trip with Hubs, and was glad I did, until, that is, about two hours after we got back to our hotel.

Then it hit me – and HARD!  My body had been invaded by some sort of awful bug that had me camped as short a distance as possible from the “loo.”  I have not been that intestinally miserable in a l-o-o-o-n-g time (Thank God!).  Anyway, it put a crimp in my part of the Touron exploits.  Ashley did some without me – I’m glad he did.  He also managed to meet up with a friend from ages and ages ago, and have a brief visit with her mother, whom he also knew.  I had heard tales of that family ever since our marriage, and was looking forward to meeting them. But, alas, such fun proved impossible, as I could not be that far away from the facilities.  Besides, I was unable to take any of my medications, and was suffering the consequences of that, too.  We had planned on driving back home on Wednesday.  That was not to be.  I could not sit or ride in the car for 6 minutes much less six hours.  So an extra day was spent in a Charleston hotel room.  We got home today, after a totally miserable time in the car (for me – and I didn’t make things very pleasant for hubs, either!) – but I am doing better – we only had to stop for brief visits to roadside facilities about 10 or 20 times.  In any event, I must be improving, because the whole ordeal has niggled a brief rhyme from my dehydrated mind:

A monstrous microbe camped out in my gut,
Causing my middle to become inhospitable:
     Anything entering became up-spittable
     And whatever was there was otherwise emittable.

The “guest” is taking its time leaving, but it is on the way out (in more ways than one).  It has come to the conclusion that I have had enough. . . 

(P.S.  Honest to God:  I just read – 2 hours after posting this – that the Daily Post at WordPress is “What should you do when sick on vacation.”  Strange synchronicity. . . Was someone lurking in the hallway in Charleston?)