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Me, (center) with the two men who have known me all my life: Dick the Birthday Boy, (left), and John, (right)

This is a quick post, to give my wonderful older “brud,” Dick, a modest rhyme to wish him a great #63.  I am blessed to have two terrific older brothers, and being the baby and only girl, he is one of the three men in my life (including my Dad) who spoiled me.  I’ve never regretted it, and I hope he doesn’t!  Since he is closest in age to mine, I spent more time with him while we were growing up.  He is the one who was around to stick up for me when anybody else tried to “pick” on me, and he is the one who could make me the maddest, laugh the hardest, and was the one who always had a new idea for adventure, or a game to play.  He is also the one who was my earliest fan.  Dick always encouraged my music and writing.  Both my brothers are geniuses – in intelligence and many other ways; both of them are uniquely gifted.  I have always looked up to them, and I adore them both, but on this special day, Dick, I want to tell you:

Sure we’d fight and rag each other
At times we had to be pulled apart
But there was never a better brother
And I hold you as always, close to my heart.

I remember we spent one hysterical day
Recording a favorite records “revue.”
You were the #1 Fab DJ
Of WNUTZ (“That’s ‘nuts’ to you!”)!

When in High School together, way back when,
We awoke every day to our favorite song.
Red Rubber Ball” played again and again,
We “spun” it each day, one whole school-year long.

We learned all the words to “The Alamo,”
To sing in the car for mile after mile
We “stood together heel and toe,”
And could sing them still, after all this while.

Time and distance have done their job
In creating a separation
But no such divide will ever rob
Us two of our special relation.

So Happy Birthday, my brother, my friend,
And though I’ve written this verse off the cuff –
It comes with love, and with that I append,
My wishes for you always, enough. . .