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Check out Tilly’s Post on National Poetry Day – a day about which I was clueless!  Since I don’t read everything in my in-box on the day they arrive, I just found out today!  Our favorite Laughing Housewife issued a challenge to write a poem about one or more of the interesting facts she lists on her page.  I chose the most idiotic one, because its absurdity tickled my fancy:

“Shakespeare was born and died on the same day.”

Herewith my entry:

The last time I checked, it was impossible
To be born on a day except that of your birth
My assumption is that my statement’s still true –
At least if you’re born on Planet Earth.
I am not sure how birth could be otherwise,
Even considering such inanity is folly!
I, who’s been known to ride on a thought-train
Of nonsense, wouldn’t hop on this trolley!
It has not (to my knowledge) yet happened to me,
But I’m certain the same thing is true:
The day of my death I’m sure I’ll be posted
Off this mortal coil, with no postage due.

Since when is the day things happen
Not the same day that they occur?
Did I skip school on the day that was taught?
But, what else could one infer
From such a bold statement of so-called “fact?”
And though sometimes truth trumps fiction,
It most certainly would be a grand surprise,
If I were still to be alive and kickin’
After breathing my last with my final good-byes.

      So please, no more lists of such obvious things
      Like "A singing bird is a bird that sings."
      For the day I was born was the same as my birth
      And the day that I die, my deathday on earth
      Will be one and the same! Enough of this stuff -
      This subject is closed, I've said enough. . .  

(wc 313)