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Review coming tomorrow. . .to a blog near (and dear to) you!

This post will be short and an attempt at sweet, although it probably falls into the “They’re good for you – eat your vegetables” category.

Tomorrow I am proud to be one of the lucky people on the “Novel Publicity Blog Tour” who gets to review a terrific book called “Wired,” by Martha Randolph Carr.  I hope you will take the time to read my review and then to get the book for yourself.  You won’t regret reading this very good mystery/suspense/psychological thriller.  Also, as with all the NP Blog Tour Reviews, there will be the opportunity to win prizes (up to $100 cash), for the reader as well as for the reviewer.  I will be giving you a link to the drawing’s entry rules along with my review tomorrow, so I am asking you in advance – “Please vote for me!” and please tell your friends to do the same!  I would certainly appreciate it, and you could win yourself a nice prize, just by participating!

I ask your indulgence once more – this time by doing a bit of research for me.  I have received a request from an (anonymous) source who paid me the “compliment” of telling me that she feels some of my best writing comes in my comments and responses to other bloggers’ posts.  (Sort of a “back-handed” compliment, wouldn’t you say? 😆 )  Anyway, this person asked me to try to dig up some of my comments, but I have no idea what would be considered my best, or even where they might be.  If you have received a comment from me that you thought was particularly “on point,” or well-written, or funny, or any combination thereof, would you please either send me a copy of the comment, or the reference URL to the post?  Use the following e-mail address to reply:  calhounpaula@ymail.com .  I am sincerely grateful.  It’s a lot to ask, and I will understand if you cannot think of any especially memorable comment(s), or are too busy or involved to do the research.

One more tiny announcement:  I got published.  No money, and not a large-circulation publication, but a nice “e-zine” called “JournEzine.”  It is a Christian ‘zine, and there is a button in my widget footer below that will take you there to peruse the magazine, or you can go here to read my submission.  It’s a poem that appeared first in my blog.  The notice came to me Sunday evening, and certainly added some light to my day –  a light that is still glowing warmly in my heart.  It helps that this was only my third submission anywhere, so I didn’t have to wait too long, or suffer the endless rejections that are all part of the writer’s and writing “game.”  I know they will come.  But at least I ‘ll have this one acceptance to hold on to!

I’ll see you all tomorrow!  Don’t forget to vote for me and enter to win for yourself a great prize!  I wish you all, my Gentle Readers, enough. . .  

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