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Since I have discovered that most of you didn’t read yesterday’s post anyway, I am reposting the first paragraph, because I jumped the gun on announcing tomorrow’s post – my book review of Martha Randolph Carr’s novel “Wired.”  I ask once again that you vote for me, and urge your friends/readers to do likewise.  After reading some of the other reviews, I discover that the writers do a far better job than I in expounding on the book, which means that the only award/prize I could possibly win is the “traffic breaker” award – I must receive the most “votes” to win!  Instructions on how to vote (it is very easy and quick) will be posted along with my review.  Besides, readers also stand a chance to win some great prizes.  Check out Novel Publicity’s site for details.  So, here’s my reposted, repetitious, and redundant paragraph:

Tomorrow (October 13) I am proud to be one of the lucky people on the “Novel Publicity Blog Tour” who gets to review a terrific book called “Wired,” by Martha Randolph Carr.  I hope you will take the time to read my review and then to get the book for yourself (An e-book publication).  You won’t regret reading this very good mystery/suspense/psychological thriller.  Also, as with all the NP Blog Tour Reviews, there will be the opportunity to win prizes (up to $100 cash), for the reader as well as for the reviewer.  I will be giving you a link to the drawing’s entry rules along with my review tomorrow, so I am asking you in advance – “Please vote for me!” and please ask your friends to do the same!  I would certainly appreciate it, and you could win yourself a nice prize, just by participating!

See you tomorrow?  Please?  Have I groveled enough?. . .