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Not Quite Old is doing a series of posts on the vast differences between men and women.  Oddly enough I have found that some of the habits she attributes to men v. women are the exact opposite, at least in our household!  But that topic’s for another day. . .

So, in answer to her post I present a cartoon I found!  It’s like they say on TV:  Never discount the power of “Star Trek!”  Lots of those doo-dads they used on the show have been invented and are used today – by almost everyone!

However, I’m still waiting for Scotty to “beam me up. . .”

So much for enough. . .

BY THE WAY:  READ MY REVIEW OF “WIRED” AND VOTE (FOR ME, OF COURSE!)!!!   PLEASE???  If you are having trouble at the voting site, please let me know – as Nancy did.  I am working on getting the situation fixed!  You can vote only once, but the “polls” are open until the end of the tour on or around October 25.  The sooner the better!  Thank you!