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“Once upon a time,”
well, really, that’s not true
It’s more than once
upon a time – it’s quite a few!

In fact it might be even more
Than that, if I were to count
How often upon a time it has been –
You’d be startled at the amount!

“But what?” you ask, “went upon
that time you cannot number?”
I don’t know, but it’s the theme!
Could a weekend theme be dumber?

I guess it could, ’cause that’s not all
Sidey wants! (I think we should shaft her!)
In addition, she expects me to end this with
“and they lived happily ever after!”

This was the extent of my creativity (?) this weekend, Sidey.  So I offer my apologies to you and to all of my Gentle Readers.  But at least you are spared a long post!  I kept this one to only 146 words.  Guess it’s enough. . .