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I will have – hopefully – a terrific “post-Halloween” report to bring to you later this week.  With the stress on hopefully!  I have a great idea, and have started the project, just haven’t finished!  It seems my best ideas come at the last minute!  Why is that?  It’s not like I don’t spend time thinking on things well enough in advance.  And as far as implementing creative ideas – I am Johnny-on-the-spot with the follow through.  I seldom procrastinate with the creative activities!

In the meantime, I want to take today – and each Monday to give back a little of what has been given to me countless times, and for which I can never repay!  Monday Joy will be my opportunity to shine a light on some of my favorite bloggers and/or posts from around the blogosphere.  This week the Kudos go to four of my favorite bloggers.  Each one unique, and they each offer a wonderful combination of fun, humor, entertainment, and/or information – “news you can use!”  In no particular order the “fab four” for this, my first “Monday Joy” post are:

“Spirit Lights the Way” – Nancy Hatch never fails to inform or amuse or both  She is a great blogger to disagree with!  I know that because we have on occasion disagreed.  But we have done it so agreeably!  She is also the best commenter and blogger-booster in the entire blogosphere.  If you have Nancy on your side, you will have a tremendous advantage!  Nancy was my first “blog-friend,” and as grateful as I am for that special friendship, from knowing that you should by no means infer that her blog is anything less than fabulous.  Every day.  Several times a day!  Her posts are short, sweet, and prolific!  Check out her blog, subscribe, and enjoy!

“The Only Cin” – Great writer, great cook, great encourager!  Cin hits it out of the park every time she steps up to the “blog plate.”  I was fortunate to find her early on in my blogging game.  She almost always has a new “food fact” of the day, and her poetry and essays (too few and far between, but worth waiting for!) are wonderful and thoughtful.  Her recipes get your mouth watering, and force those of us in the opposite hemisphere from her to go out and spend inordinate amounts of money on out-of-season fruits and veggies just so we can try cooking one of her concoctions ourselves!  Cindy is the whole package.  Check out her blog, subscribe, and enjoy!

“Kate Shrewsday” – If you are an aspiring writer – this is one of the first blogs you should check out!  There is no better writing in the blogosphere.  Her posts never fail to be entertaining as well as informative, and are always beautifully crafted.  At the same time, she manages to make you feel like you are a part of her wonderful family, along with her Hubs she has daughter Maddie and son Felix, a terrific old cat, and a malodorous dog (at least she says he is) named Macaulay!  You will never regret the time you spend reading Kate’s blog.  Check it out, subscribe, and enjoy!

“The Laughing Housewife” – Apparently she does not want to laugh alone, so “Tilly” ensures that we laugh right along with her!  Her daily jokes, keen observations, and occasional rants – particularly on “WordPress” – never fail to brighten my day, and the days of lots of other people!  Tilly’s affable writing style and friendly manner are often exactly what you will need to make each day better.  The British candy company that makes Malteasers ought to find their way to her door – she is the best Malteaser advertiser ever!  (Never had one, but I really want to try one, and all because of Tilly!) Check out her blog, subscribe, and enjoy!


I hope you are all enjoying or have enjoyed your All Hallows Eve!  When your children or grandchildren are small, it is a day filled with fun – at least it was in my household!  (Except of course for the time one of our sons walked up to our neighbor’s house, said “Trick or Treat,” and threw up all over their doorstep!  My response was to ask if he gave her enough time to give him a treat before he pulled that trick!

Hope your day was filled with more treats than tricks.  My Gentle Readers, I wish you enough. . .

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