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My usually available Muse of Silliness and Senseless Verse has gone on a vacation.  Unfortunately for all of us, it will most likely be a short one.  However, she sent along another friend to take her place, the Muse of Whatever.  MOW is very useful for situations such as the abandonment of one or more of your regulars, because she allows for random odd posts, which is what this one is.

I looked to see if there is any cipation, or that which anticipation can be against.  I also, while I was at it, checked to see if, since we have precipitation, there was any postcipitation.  I was disappointed on both counts, so I have added those two new words to my blogging dictionary.

Cipation:  si-PAY-shun –
1. The act of cipating.
2. A lack of expectation.
3. Having no clue, forewarning, or presentiment.  Being taking off-guard.
4. Making no use of funds or assignment of funds, especially from a
trust fund, before they are legitimately available for use.

Postcipitation:  Post-si-pi-TAY-shun

1. After a headlong fall or rush.
2. Thought and/or sentiments such as “haste makes waste,” “I should have looked before I leapt,” “stupid, stupid, stupid,” or “OUCH!”
3. The deceleration caused by a hard landing, especially one that is cipated: If he had anticipated the possibility of such a precipitous fall, he would not have experienced the cipation of his postcipitation.
4. Meteorology – The effect of any form of water, such as rain, snow, sleet, or
hail upon the earth after it falls to the earth’s surface.

Now that we’ve got all that worked out, I will give you my photographic take on anticipation.

Autumn and winter are the seasons of anticipation.  After the blooming and the harvest are done, we retreat to the warmth of our hearths and wait expectantly for the seasons of spring and summer.  We know they will come, eventually.  The waiting gets harder the nearer we are to the next season.  Sort of a paradox, isn’t it?  The closer we come to the end of our waiting, the more difficult the wait! Nature is more patient than we are:

Our cherry tree already anticipates the coming spring, preparing the buds for next year’s fruit:

And our fir tree prepares to seed more fir trees:

I recently got a jade plant Cutting (Yep! The cutting came from my surgeon, Dr. Cutting’s, office), and rooted it.  Once it was well-rooted, I potted it.  I am in anticipation of a beautiful large jade plant some day.  I am trying to be patient!

My name is "Kijani," which is Swahili for "green." She sends a hug to her cousin, "Planty," a friend of J. P. Cabit*, and to Planty's companions "Gershwin" and "Arun."

I pray with confident anticipation for peace.  Peace among families, friends, communities, faiths, races, and nations. We have this sun catcher (peace-catcher?) in our kitchen window:

Last, but certainly not least, I give you some photos of our now 14-month-old granddaughter, Zoë.  She was anticipated for 9 months, and each day since her birth, I anticipate the next time I will see her, hold her in my arms, and behold her smile and know it is for me.  I watch her carefully and intently as she explores the world around her – as she finds delight in everything (my key chain held her fascination when these photos were taken last Thursday).  For Zoë, as for each new life on earth, the world waits with anticipation for what these new creations, so lately come from God, will bring to the world.

May you all be blessed, as I have, with the abundance of enough. .

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*See J.P.’s blog, “House of Happy,” by clicking here.