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Monday has rolled around again, just as it does almost every week along about this time.  So it is time to spread a bit of Monday Joy!

I’ll start with one of my favorite poets:  Adeeyoyo’s Blog.  Adeeyoyo – otherwise known as Denise Allen is one of those writer/poets who manages to fill the bill every day.  Her poems are always thoughtful and frequently funny.  Some of them hit you exactly where you happen to be at the moment.  Dee has been through a lot from a physical standpoint, but you would never know it from her writing.  You will always find something in Dee’s poetry and other words to take away and ponder.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to read her posts.  Read, subscribe, and enjoy!

Ever get hungry?  Like to read the stories behind the family recipes, and get a little cooking lesson besides?  Then link yourself to Stella Carolyn’s “The Family Table.” Stella always has terrific recipes (I know – I’ve tried a lot of them, and there has been no failure yet!), plus she shares part of her family and home life with you as she shares the recipes she has grown up with, learned recently, or created herself!  She’s a young Mom who is always busy, but she manages to make you feel like you’ve taken a little cook’s tour just by reading her posts!  Join me at her Family Table!  Read, subscribe, enjoy!

Today I think. . . by Patricia has become another of my favorite haunts!  Her short and sweet posts offer a piece of her mind – and always delightful pieces they are.  Lately she has been offering some interesting words that you can add to your vocabulary – so right away, you know why I enjoy Patricia’s blog.  She also writes book reviews, and to date, all of her recommendations have been great.  The most recent review of “One Dog Night” makes the book sound like a winner to me, and I am adding it to my reading list. What hooked me from the first post of hers that i read was her tag line!  I knew we were sisters under the skin when I read: “but tomorrow I may think differently, stay tuned. . .”  A woman after my own heart!  Read, subscribe, enjoy!

Lots to read today and to add to your blogroll, if they aren’t on it already!  I hope it’s enough. . .

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