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I am in a great mood these days, and I know why!  I wrote this poem a couple of years ago (or more, I think) about my love affair with Standard Time.  I have no idea why they monkey around with clocks anyway, and I wonder exactly who “they” are!  Someone should speak sternly to them and get them to shape up!

This was written in the spring, at the beginning of that odious thing known as Daylight Savings Time (shudder).


Time falls back
then springs ahead
as usual messing with my bed-
time routine of sleeping and rising,
for the morning sun can be surprising
at a normal hour rather than late.
But changing the clock
is something I hate
abhor, dislike, disdain.
Please let Standard Time remain
the standard. Doesn’t that mean what it seems?
Hey! Standard means regular, predictable,norm
let the early bird go get his or her worm
Just let the clock be and let church-goers arrive
at the time posted, awake, alive.
(Instead of late in April or early in November!
Leave clocks alone, ‘n’ time’s a snap to remember.)
Daylight Savings should be done away with
more light for work and play is a myth.
We all know we’ll do those things, light or dark
So quit changing my clock
I’d like to park
my clock in good old Standard Time
Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific
Just leave time alone, that would be terrific.
To repeat, I hate Daylight Savings Time!
So this is my ode, a paean, a rhyme
For good old standard, STANDARD TIME!

I think that says it well enough. . .

(wc 272)