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Official Logo of The ISOD

For those of you who did not read yesterday’s post  – Wednesday’s Word and Picture – please take a moment to click on the link and read it.

Owing to the dearth of Deipnosophists in our society, it has become incumbent upon me to charter a new society that will foster the education and development of deipnosophists.  A personal invitation is not required, although some of you may receive one.  All human* persons interested in being bona fide members are invited to fill out the following application by answering the questions, and filling in the blanks using the comment area at the bottom of this post (Please number your answers to correlate with the questions numbers.).  (I urge you to apply, otherwise you might be mistaken as a member of the Troglodyte Society, which is, as you would probably guess, a stigma difficult to overcome.) All applications will be considered in the order in which they are received.  Early applicants have an advantage, in that the lucky first 588 will receive a badge to post on their own blogs.  Apply soon.  This blog is known to receive as many as two comments per day, so you have only an estimated 294 days to be eligible for a badge.


Application for Membership
The International Society of Deipnosophists
(Est. 2011)

 1. Date:____________________________________________________

 2. Full Name:________________________________________________

 3. E-Mail Address:____________________________________________

 4. Age (Must be over 18 months old)_____________________________

 5. Favorite topics of conversation at meals (no more than three):


 6. Are there any depinosophists in your family?  Yes________  No________

 7. If you checked “yes” on #6, how many are there in your family? _________

 8. If you checked “no” on #6, what do you consider are causes of the deficit, and how has it affected your life? (Please be as detailed in your answer as possible):


 9. At what meal do you prefer to deipnosophize? _____________

10. Why do you wish to become a member of The ISOD? (Please be as detailed in your answer as possible):


If I am accepted into membership of The ISOD, I hereby pledge to keep my own dinner conversation within the boundaries prescribed by The ISOD.  I further pledge to encourage stimulating, edifying conversation among my dinner companions, and to eschew all topics that might have a deleterious effect upon the tenor and tone of the established level of conversational erudition and wit.  Failure to uphold this pledge results in immediate revocation of membership.**

□ I hereby pledge and agree to the terms and conditions stated above. (Failure to check this box nullifies the application.)

(* Applications for membership by other living beings will be considered on a case by case basis, and must be accompanied with a certificate of intelligence signed and duly notarized by three different deipnosophists unrelated to the applicant, and be approved by 2/3 of the members of The Board of Directors of The ISOD. The Certificate of Intelligence form, #COI 2-A is available upon request, and can be obtained at your local office of The ISOD.)

(** Membership revocation can be reversed at the discretion of the Board of Directors of The ISOD should it be determined that the mundane conversation took place at a time other than the main meal.  All ultimate decisions of the Board are final, except if they change their minds.)

For office use only                                          |
App. #_____ ID designation_____                   |
Accept_____ Reject_____                               |
Decision postponed_____                                |
Reason for postponement__________________|
______________________________________ |
______________________________________ |


It is finished.  It is enough. . .

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(Words and definitions for my “Wednesday’s Word and Picture” posts are most often found at the following highly-recommended site:  Phrontistery )