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Today’s facts are simple.  I will be out of commission for today and part of tomorrow.

Just reading that line and those of you who know me will figure out what I’m doing.  I started feeling the need for a surgeon to cut on me again – after all, it has been 3-1/2 months since the last time I let Dr. Cutting have his way.  I mean – how long do you think I’d wait before getting impatient for another trip to the surgical suite?

Since it is the day for Fabulous Facts, I’ll give you the facts – just the facts.  I have been asked to arrive at the hospital to check in at 9:15 a.m.  After going through the paper-signing, the weigh-in, and the donning of the requisite designer gown, I will rest in a luxurious day-surgery room bed for however long it takes for them to “come and get me.”

After all the various physical moments of inconvenience over the past 30 years or so, I no longer have a readily available venous access point.  So, in addition to Dr. Cutting getting a do-over to fuse the end joint of my right thumb, another wonderful surgeon of the “general” variety, will install a porta-cath somewhere on my body – most likely the chest or neck.  This will serve as a more or less permanent point of access for intravenous infusions, etc.  It’s no big deal – I have had them twice before.  Both had to be removed during times of MRSA infection, because there was a chance that the infection was hiding in the venous catheter.  One time it was, the second time it wasn’t.  Anyway, the last few times I have had surgery, the anesthesiologist has complained and fretted long and loud and told me in no uncertain terms that if I didn’t get a porta-cath installed, if I was ever in an emergency and needed rapid infusions, I would be up the creek without even a boat to paddle.  So, the opportunity availed itself for this procedure, since I apparently cannot go without another hand surgery.  (Gee!  I wonder what will be next?) Fun.  Funfunfunfunfun!

In addition to that wonderful thrill ride featuring dueling surgeons, I get to get another bottle of pain pills!  Whoopee!  I’m excited already!  I know you are looking forward to reading whatever I manage to write under the influence (assuming that I do!).

I will be home by mid-afternoon today, most likely.  I’m giving you the facts so you will know it’s no big deal – just annoying for me, and more money for the doctors.  It’s certainly a good thing I like both of the surgeons, and find the local hospital where I am having this procedure done,  and have had the last few done, a very nice, efficient and well-run institution. Makes everything so much easier!

BTW, I had a surprise waiting for me yesterday, when I got home from babysitting Zoë.  Our son Adam purchased a brand new Kindle Fire for me and had it shipped.  Just click on the link to read all about it!  I am very excited, and I will have much with which to occupy myself while waiting to undergo the knife!

Either I or Ashley will give you an update to let you know how well it all went.  If I don’t post tomorrow, do not fret – I will likely be lying about, a lady of leisure, letting Ashley pamper me and peel grapes for me.  No wonder I love surgery!

I am expecting to receive a stack of ISOD applications when I return.  Haven’t had too many so far, and I for a fact (there you have it – another fabulous Friday fact!) know that there are a lot of true dyed-in-the-wool deipnosophists out there in the blogosphere!

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, my Gentle Readers.  Always, in every prayer of mine for you all, making my prayer with joy.  I am thankful for your partnership and friendship in the blogosphere from my first post until now.*  I have been blessed to know you all, and I am rich with the abundance of enough. . .

(*The quotation is a self-styled “paraphrase” of one of my favorite scriptures:  Philippians 1:3-5)

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