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This quickie post is to let you know I’m home, and I should be up and running soon.  Ashley told me the doctor told him that I am not allowed to cook the Thanksgiving turkey. I don’t believe him. . . I think he just doesn’t like my cooking.  So I’ve decided that I won’t cook – however, I will supervise everybody else. . .I bet he ends up wishing I had done the cooking.  I know you will all find it hard to believe, but I can be sort of bossy. . .

Reluctantly and resigned,
To the hospital I went.
My thumb had to be realigned,
And all my veins were spent.

So I submitted to two surgeons
To do their work in relay –
And I cannot cast aspersions
On the work they did today!

It took more time to do the work
Than I at first expected
But each was careful not to shirk
Their jobs to fix what I’d neglected.

I’m so glad to be home, I shout it!
Though in pain, I’ve got a drug
That helps a lot, no doubt about it,
But it leaves me feeling like a slug.

So, I’m going now to lie in bed –
I’ll admit the day’s been sort of rough
But first, it absolutely must be said
Your prayers blessed me more than enough. . .

(wc 220)