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In case you are wondering, I am referring to a secular “fire.”  I opted out of attending church this morning.  I had visions of attending, but having visions is not exactly the way I want my brain to work when I leave the house.  Of course, I suppose having visions and attending church do sort of go together (depending upon your denomination).

Hubs and I sing in the choir, and what kept me away, (other than the fact that I had surgery on Friday, and I’m still sort of wobbly), was I envisioned me trying to hold my music folder and turn pages left-handed.  In my vision, the folder flipped out of my hand and whacked the elderly gentleman who stands in front of me on the head, causing him to fall forward into the director’s music stand, which fell into her, knocking her over on to the altar, which, being on casters, rolled across the chancel , bumped down the stairs and crashed into the people sitting in the front pews.  The candles on the altar tipped over and set fire to the hair of one of the people in the pews.  She screamed, jumped up, batting at her hair, which shed sparks all over, kindling (I’ve got that word on the brain) the new pew bibles that were being dedicated in the service that morning, as they had been newly purchased for our sanctuary.  To say that the fire spread like wildfire, and the room went up like (God’s) house afire would be stating it rather mildly.  It was a good thing I had basically memorized the music, because I was able to finish singing the anthem – even though our director was out of commission.  I had to sing it a capella, too!  Our organist stopped playing in order to put out the fire that was licking up the pipe casing.  Did I tell you I had good drugs?

When I awoke this morning from that vision, I had a brief lucid moment in which I decided that the chances of my vision being an actual prognostication were a little bit too good for comfort.  So I didn’t go.

I stayed home and played with my new Kindle Fire – the only fire that was reasonably safe in my hands.  I am loving this new-fangled Kindle more and more, every time I use it.  I guess I will let Ashley have my old Kindle.  The only problem with the Kindle Fire, and it is relatively minor, is that it weighs significantly more than the original Kindle, so it is not quite as easy to hold, but the view screen is larger, and what I am able to do with it is a lot more – for one thing, it is in very high-def color, and I can watch movies – and being a member of Amazon Prime, there are a whole bunch I can watch for free – which is what I did.  Watched a couple, plus downloaded some episodes of my favorite TV show, “Frasier,” also for free.

And, yes, I still read books on it – and all the great qualities, including ease of reading (plus this one is backlit, so I don’t need a Kindle light) are still a part of it. Color me happy.  I cannot recommend one of these Kindles – either one, actually – enough.  The Fire is only $199.00 with free shipping, and the regular Kindles’ prices have dropped considerably, making them even more affordable.  They even have great payment plans on Amazon – if you pay it off completely in 6 months, it is interest free!  You really can’t do much better than that.  The Kindle Fire is also operated by touch (or a stylus if you want to), and has almost all the attributes of an iPad – at only a fraction of the cost.  And, no – I have not been solicited by Amazon to write this Kindle pitch.

One more thing – the customer service from Amazon has been nothing less than EXCELLENT!  When my original Kindle’s screen broke – and i don’t know if it was my fault or not – I called.  They immediately (and I mean immediately) sent me a new one, which arrived the next day, plus mailed me a postage paid return label to return the broken one.  I have been able to have on-line chats and telephone chats when I have questions about any of their products and services.  If I have to leave a message, they have gotten back to me within an hour or two, and every question and/or problem I have had has been resolved quickly and easily.

I was originally a little reluctant to get a Kindle, because it is so Amazon dependent for the downloads.  I am now grateful for it!  I can’t imagine at this point dealing with any other company.  Any of you who might remember my long-running battle with AT&T (still not resolved, BTW) will know that I am leery of any claims for being #1 in customer service.  Amazon is a company that really delivers on their promise of high quality customer service.

So – I am doing better; my thumb and shoulder still smart a bit, but both are better.  The drugs help a lot (in the pain department, anyway – not so much in the lucidity area,  however), and I am confident that the hospital and I are destined to become strangers again.  Good weekend.  Sorry I missed Sidey’s weekend theme.  Or did I?

Couldn’t you all say that the mental picture of me standing and singing in the choir loft today, even as a full-fledged disaster unfolds around me, creates a story of at least a thousand words in your mind?  So, I guess I’ll include this post as my weekend theme submission.

When I don’t use Sonya, I type with my left hand, and a bit with my right index finger.  The immense bandage on my right thumb tends to do its own thing when I use that index finger.  I will run this post through spell check, but in a way I wish you could see what this post looks like.  Amazing. . .I’m beginning to believe in the infinite monkey theorem which states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare, (if you left me alone long enough, that is.)

I’m tired, so I’ll say this way over-long post and paean to Amazon’s Kindle Fire is enough. . .

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