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I never thought that, given AT&T’s record for excellence in customer service (that phrase is to be read as though it is positively dripping with sarcasm), that I would be grateful for their exemplary work. (What it is exemplary of is better left unsaid at present.)  It appears that the God I worship truly does make good things out of lousy situations.

My thumb was definitely improving by last Sunday (November 20), after a pretty rough two or three days pain wise following some surgery to revise the fusion on my right thumb.**  Ashley informed me when I got home after the surgery that Dr. Cutting had told him that I was not to use my hand, and that included roasting a turkey and doing other cooking for the Thanksgiving holiday feast.  I was certain that either Ashley or Dr. Cutting was jesting.  Either that, or Ashley didn’t like my cooking, and had come up with a way to avoid having to eat any of it!  The Tuesday before the big day, I drew up my menu, and went grocery shopping for Thursday’s main event.  Our guest list this year was much smaller than recent years, but we were looking forward to the time we would be able to share with some of our family and with our neighbor.  Fewer people eating meant less work (at least in my mind), and I really was making an effort not to overdo, and to carefully guard my thumb (that was easy – the bandage was ridiculously large (rather comical – like the cartoon thumb after being whacked with a hammer), and made doing anything with that hand nigh on to impossible.  I was being good.  I swear.

Since God saw that I was not going to be strictly following orders, God dreamed up a way that all other activities would be curtailed.  He called upon AT&T to do the thing that they do best, and they came through in style.  Our broadband connection went south, and took our land-line phone and internet connections with it.  When I have calmed down somewhat (I’m still waiting for that to happen), I will regale you all with the tale of my latest battle with AT&T.  To review the scene of the initial skirmish, see this post from about 13 months ago.

So, because of a string of stupid, idiotic problems which could easily have been avoided,  and countless time spent on my cell phone, I was basically prohibited from posting all last week.  Those of you who might have been concerned about me and/or my thumb can breathe a sigh if relief.  I am quite well, thank you, and other than several still-ruffled feathers and some stubbornly raised hackles, I am beginning to get back up to speed.  I was going to make this week a week of “doubles.”  In other words, I would entertain you all with last week’s Joy, Musings, Word & Picture, Fantastic Facts, and assorted other gems in the morning, and this week’s offerings in the afternoon.

You should all be pleased to learn that I have decided not to double-up. Monday’s Joy this week will have to be the overwhelming joy you all must be experiencing now that I have returned from AT&T Hell.  Next week will see the return of my recently instituted meme routine.  This week may include some of the daily memes, but most likely it will be composed of various and assorted bits and pieces from my “fragged” mind, in an attempt to “defrag” it  Lucky you!

One more thing I want to tell you about:  The review that I was scheduled to post on Friday of Emlyn Chand‘s long-awaited first novel, “Farsighted,” will be posted on Wednesday.  Since I have long been a fan of Emlyn, and on the receiving end of much of her blogging wisdom and helpful advice, it came as no surprise to me that she is capable of penning a good novel.  I was not quite prepared for exactly how well-done her book is, and without reservation, I urge each of you to do yourself the favor of buying a copy of “Farsighted,” and see how fine an effort it is!  Stop by Wednesday, November 30, for my attempt to entice you to read it for yourselves.

Thanks for sticking with me, my Gentle Readers.  You make each day, for me, enough. . .

**(Interested readers can see a couple of photos I took today during my follow-up visit at Dr. Cutting’s office to have the sutures removed. There is one photo of my thumb just after the splint and bandage are removed, and the other is an annotated photo of the x-ray, that shows the screw in place. I kept the photos off my home page so that those of you who would rather not see them, can avoid doing so!)

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