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My muse has asked me to convey to my Gentle Readers one and all:

At the center of Christmas there is a place where every human longs to be.  In that place there is a hearth, and at that hearth there is a warmth that outlasts the coldest winters, that melts the iciest spirits, and thaws the frozen soul.  Yet more than warmth, this hearth brings light; a light that shines through any darkness, a sentinel that illuminates the footsteps of every sojourner who seeks to find a way through fear, pain, hatred, alienation and isolation.  The hearth not only waits, but seeks out the lost.  The warmth and light sing out the eternal song called hope, and in that song there is not one false note.  No one who hears it is led astray, and everyone who sings back the song is strengthened by it and finds their way to that place at the heart of Christmas. 

For you all, I pray that you will find and make your home at that hearth; that you will share the warmth of love and the light of joy, and that you will listen to the song of hope, keep it on your lips, and teach it to all who want to learn to sing it.  Hope is a beautiful song; once learned, it is not forgotten; once shared, it never dies.


I am only a muse – an instigator and mischief-maker. When I am occasionally at my best, I can be an “inspirator” – of sorts.  In that department, however, I can hold no candle to Christmas.  May the glowing hearth at the heart of Christmas remain in each of your hearts every day, and may that hearth serve as a place of inspiration for you all to be the best you can be on whatever path you choose for your life.

I am a wordy muse – most of you know that by now!  If I had to put it succinctly, I suppose I could have just said, “Merry Christmas!” But Paula gave me free rein here, and I didn’t feel compelled to be succinct.  It is Muse Day Tuesday, after all. In any event, consider it said, thought, felt, dreamed, hoped, and prayed for all of you – as always – enough. . .

And enjoy the cartoons!  Paula sends her thanks and love!  (wc 389)