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Native Nunavut - artist Pitseolak Ashoona - will she be one of my visitors?

Maybe this lovely Mongolian woman was my recent visitor from Mongolia!

Meagre posting means smaller numbers, naturally.  I know my readership has been falling a great deal while I’ve been “away,” so I haven’t bothered looking at my “stats.”  Caught a glimpse today and noticed two things:  As of this writing, since September 29, 2010, I have had 24,355 visits at my site.  I have been blogging since February of 2010, but have only been counting since I moved over to WordPress.  Almost 25,000 visits.  Small potatoes compared to many of my blogging friends, but a number I am nevertheless delighted with!  Love communicating with so many people.

In addition, a stat I am particularly fond of is the number of different nations represented by my readers.  I reached number 100 just a couple of days ago with a visit from a reader in Mongolia!  Sort of amuses me to think about that. . .Mongolia!  I would love to know what they thought of the site.

Some months ago I mentioned that I was hoping to reach readers in all thirteen provinces of Canada.  I am still stuck at the nine of thirteen represented so far, though.  Oh well.  All I can think right now is if someone from Mongolia can check in – how about at least one person from each of the provinces of Newfoundland/Labrador; Prince Edward Island; Northwest Territories; and Nunavut?  There are a few “unknown” visitors from Canada at my site.  Their provinces were unavailable, or they used satellite connections, which makes sense considering some of the geography of those provinces.  Perhaps those unknowns could fill out my roster.  Guess I’ll never know, but in the meantime, I’m asking all of you to get me to the milestone of 25,000 visits, (could I possibly, with your help get 645 more visits by January 1, 2012?) and the next 100 nations, and all thirteen provinces of Canada.  Anyone of you know any Nunavutians?

As ever, I wish you enough. . .

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