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The year 2011 has been an eventful year for me.  Perhaps I should call it the “Year of Cutting.”  While I am very grateful to have such a wonderful hand surgeon in Dr. Paul Cutting (yes, that’s his real name!), I am not especially grateful for what he has had to do; but I’m grateful that he could; but not particularly grateful for how it has affected my pain level; but grateful that I can feel, that I am alive, that I have hope, that I can still laugh, have fun, and hold our beautiful Zoë – no matter how awkwardly!  So, all in all, I will say that it has been a fine good OK year.  Do I sound ambivalent? Like I said – it has been an eventful year, an interesting year. . .

I hope you all have occasion to look back with joy and satisfaction on old man 2011, for the most part anyway.  I will remind you that I always wish you enough.  That means that there must be enough of the not-so-good times for you to appreciate the good ones!  As for me, as contradictory as it may sound to all my complaining and whining, I most certainly have been blessed with the abundance of enough of everything!  Will you say the same as the ball drops on New Year’s Eve tomorrow night?

Yeah, I guess I can say it now with confidence. . .So long 2011!  It really has been good to know ya!

Happy 2012! As ever, I wish you all the ultimate joy of enough. . .

I want to wish you all a Happy 2012.  The link below is an audio cut of me singing “Breath of Heaven” at our 11 p.m. candlelight Christmas Eve service this year.  I hope that you can enjoy it (unfortunately I can’t – a brief explanation follows the recording) for the beautiful text.

Breath of Heaven Christmas Eve 2011 PTC

(I know that I am not supposed to apologize for myself when I present recordings.  I cannot help but do so in this instance.  I have begun to recognize upon hearing my singing voice that my ear is going – at least while I’m singing.  It might well be time for me to let that part of my life go; concentrate more on listening to the music instead of making it!  😆  My usually excellent relative pitch appears to be doing fine when I listen after the fact, however, because I cringe when listening to my poor intonation in certain parts of this song.  A shame, because it is such a lovely song – originally recorded, beautifully, by Amy Grant.  Lest I really pale in comparison (and there is no comparison!), I won’t post her version, but I urge you to go to YouTube and have a listen.)

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