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So much to be joyous about!  A New Year. . .hard to believe!  I wonder what I thought the 21st century would be like way back when I considered such things?  I remember visiting the New York World’s Fair back in 1965, and seeing the exhibits on the world of the future.  By 2000 we were supposed to be living on the moon, colonizing Mars and all flying around in our airborne cars.  For those who preferred to drive there was this wonderful exhibit about the highways of the future.  Families would travel together in their cars that were hooked onto some sort of track.  Accidents were avoided because the track automatically separated each vehicle.  There was only one speed, and even better yet, the “driver” would interact with the family.  In relaxing chairs, the family faced one another, playing cards or watching television or even, God forbid, the scenery!  The only time the driver’s attention to the road was required was when s/he was ready to exit the highway.  The family programmed their trip into some sort of system as they entered the highway.  The plan included the destination, and the stops that they desired to make along the way.  Looked and sounded good to me.  But I digress.

It is my joy to be living in this year 2012.  There are many who did not believe I would make it anywhere near this far.  So I am grateful for another year.  A clean slate lies before me (indeed it does every day, year ’round, but there is something stimulating about turning the page to a new year).  I make plans, God laughs.  Every day is a surprise.  I do hope that you all are looking forward to the coming year with hopeful expectation.  There is always potential for great triumph and also for great tragedy.  So much of the outcome depends on us, though.  Let’s all resolve to keep our hearts and minds on “the things that are above.”

Along that line I want to share with you a particular Monday Joy that I received from my friend Mands of Woman of Worth (and she truly is!) via e-mail this New Year.  She and her wonderful daughter Jess – who has her own blog, Heart2Heart – came up with 100 Wishes for “Enough.”  A fabulous list it is, too!  So here is their list – and along with it I send my thanks to Mands, and my heartfelt “ditto” to their enough. . .

Jess and I did something fun for some of our friends this past Festive Season… and one of the gift ideas we had, included a list I’d like to dedicate to Jess… and anyone who reads this. *Grin*

We do hope that 2012 provides you all that you desire… and as I wrote these… I discovered myself… and you… and my own hopes, dreams and desires for 2012!

We wish you enough for 2012….

  1. Enough sunshine to inspire your smile!
  2. Enough rain to colour your life with rainbows!
  3. Enough health to value your life!
  4. Enough abundance to pay all your bills!
  5. Enough wisdom to find balance in your activities.
  6. Enough tears to appreciate your joy!
  7. Enough strength to complete your chores!
  8. Enough love to overflow your heart.
  9. Enough care to love yourself!
  10. Enough courage to ‘start over’ and ‘carry on’.
  11. Enough humour to see the funny side of life.
  12. Enough energy to keep you enduring enthusiastically.
  13. Enough wisdom to see the Saviour in your reflection.
  14. Enough gratitude to appreciate your trials.
  15. Enough patience to say thank-you.
  16. Enough appreciation to praise the Lord.
  17. Enough sorrow to treasure your happiness.
  18. Enough work to value your hands.
  19. Enough inspiration to write a letter or email to a friend.
  20. Enough food to provide a meal for the hungry.
  21. Enough faith to know your prayers are heard… and answered!
  22. Enough ambition to succeed at your most fervent aspirations.
  23. Enough bread for sandwiches.
  24. Enough spare change to give to a worthy cause.
  25. Enough vitamins to be healthy.
  26. Enough time to pursue a virtuous hobby.
  27. Enough prosperity to visit a distant relative.
  28. Enough wood to keep your fire burning.
  29. Enough flowers to brighten your home.
  30. Enough books to always have something to read.
  31. Enough hope to see the light on the darkest days.
  32. Enough trust to hug a friend.
  33. Enough optimism to always see the blessings.
  34. Enough motivation to keep striving towards your dreams.
  35. Enough fuel to keep your car moving.
  36. Enough savings for a holiday.
  37. Enough possibilities to have a choice.
  38. Enough understanding to be compassionate.
  39. Enough food to share with others.
  40. Enough learning to be knowledgeable.
  41. Enough insight to wait for the answers you don’t have.
  42. Enough judgement to make the right choices.
  43. Enough sympathy to be kind to others.
  44. Enough kindness to be gentle with yourself.
  45. Enough reflection to remember the important things of life.
  46. Enough ideas to be creative.
  47. Enough muse to write in your journal often.
  48. Enough tune to sing a song.
  49. Enough music to dance.
  50. Enough wholeness to spend time alone.
  51. Enough peace for contentedness.
  52. Enough tranquillity to have a picnic.
  53. Enough cheerfulness to take lots of photos.
  54. Enough confidence to speak in public.
  55. Enough buoyancy to float.
  56. Enough bounce to skip and jump.
  57. Enough fullness to be satisfied.
  58. Enough completeness to finish your chores.
  59. Enough brightness to shine your light.
  60. Enough comprehension to see the big picture.
  61. Enough vision to allow guidance.
  62. Enough belief to develop your abilities.
  63. Enough assurance to share talents.
  64. Enough conviction to stand for truth.
  65. Enough opportunities to smell the roses.
  66. Enough occasions to celebrate.
  67. Enough imagination to dream.
  68. Enough playfulness to draw and colour.
  69. Enough soul to cook.
  70. Enough heart to love.
  71. Enough trust to believe.
  72. Enough perception to be discerning.
  73. Enough capacity for intelligence.
  74. Enough responsibility to be reliant.
  75. Enough purity to be virtuous.
  76. Enough innocence to be wondrous.
  77. Enough miracles to be amazed.
  78. Enough awe to be appreciative.
  79. Enough admiration to be reverent.
  80. Enough surprise to be astonished.
  81. Enough respect to be sincere.
  82. Enough wonder to be inquiring.
  83. Enough questions to marvel.
  84. Enough harmony to reason.
  85. Enough consideration to think.
  86. Enough sensitivity to be aware.
  87. Enough sleep to be attentive.
  88. Enough interest to be excited.
  89. Enough fondness to be affectionate.
  90. Enough dedication to be loyal.
  91. Enough support to be serving.
  92. Enough commitment to be devoted.
  93. Enough savour to relish.
  94. Enough flavour to taste.
  95. Enough sound at dusk to remember to watch the sunset.
  96. Enough tenderness to cry.
  97. Enough emotion for sentiment.
  98. Enough regard for favour.
  99. Enough honour for respect.
  100. Enough pleasure to enjoy.
  101. Enough joy to delight.

Enough *Giggles* ~*Smiles*~ and *Grins* to enjoy the list,
And remember to celebrate the moment.”

© 17th December 2011 ~ Mandy Swinburne

P.S.  Please do yourselves a favor and visit Mands’ blog, and become a follower!  She deserves to have a large readership.  You will be blessed by her words and photos!

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