Most of you have surely read somewhere Mary Stevenson’s poem, “Footprints in the Sand.”  it’s so over-used and quoted, it has become trite, and it is very sentimental, however meaningful it can be for many.

But the poem came to mind when Ashley came inside this morning after taking Princess for her first morning walk.  I “rewrote” the last line of Stevenson’s poem to suit the photo below, which illustrates Ashley’s story.

“The times when you have seen
only one set of footprints
is when I carried you.”
~Mary Stevenson

 “The place where you see
only one set of footprints
is where Ashley carried Princess.”
~Paula Tohline Calhoun

Yup!  Ashley told me that after walking Princess a few yards in the bitter cold and fresh snow, she couldn’t go on.  He had to reach down and carry her back inside.  Must be because this is the first time since last winter and her feet are not yet acclimated to the snow.  She has loved going out in the snow in the past. See my poem, “In Her Dreams.”

I’ve taken her out since.  It’s a bit warmer since the sun is higher in the sky. She walked in Ashley’s footprints almost all the way this time, and was able to make the whole walk on her own four feet.  She was ready to come in, though!  She’d had enough. . .

(wc 229)