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Where oh where???

I have a problem – a serious problem, and I need the help of anyone who is willing and able:

Most of you know (if you don’t, it doesn’t matter) that I walk with the aid of crutches or one crutch (the Canadian, or “Loft” variety).  In order to carry around my stuff when out shopping I have until recently employed the use of an “over the shoulder and around the neck” pocketbook.  It works OK, but it can be very annoying, because it swings and slaps against my crutch as i walk along.  It is especially annoying when I am out with my camera, because that is also “attached” to me, via a neck strap – makes my walking about with both very slow-going. But – I found a wonderful new replacement for the pocketbook.

I was browsing through a craft store one day last September and found near the check out a shelf of “As seen on TV” items.  I had not seen this particular item, but it intrigued me.  It was a pack of “Wrist Wallets.”  There were three, each of a different color: black, red, and beige.  Ah-hah!  I thought!  Just what I need.  They are small, compact, and except for the fact that they close with a zipper (which can be difficult one-handed), they looked perfect for my needs; small, compact, flat, and stretchy fabric, which breathes, rather than elastic bands.  All I really need to carry around are my ID’s, credit cards, store value cards, insurance cards, medical alert and a small amount of cash.  There are quite a few when you put them together, so I decided to use one on each wrist.  The black one with the most important (ID, and credit/debit, etc.). On my right wrist I packed all the others.  I generally wear both when I go out, and when getting back to my bedroom, I remove them and place them in or on my nightstand.  All has gone well.  Sometimes when removing them, I will toss them on my bed or by my computer instead of in the drawer, but a thorough search of the desk, or through the covers and it is found.

The black one is the most easily “lost” because it can be difficult to see against a black background, and I have many times overlooked it and thought it lost until I calm down and feel around for it.

But now, my most important black wallet is truly lost.  We are absolutely certain that I had both wallets on my wrists on Friday night, and I removed them and placed them in the drawer upon returning home – I have a clear memory of it.  Unless I think I will need the wallets, I  don’t take them with me (for instance, on short trips, when Ashley is with me and I’m not driving).  Bear in mind – these wallets do NOT fall off.  I must remove them with care, because of my swollen wrists; they stay on unless I remove them (and sometimes with difficulty).  They most surely would not rip unless i was well aware of it, and even if they did, if they subsequently fell off, I would definitely know about it.

Saturday morning and afternoon (New Year’s Eve), I did a long overdue and thorough cleaning and straightening up of the bedroom, including changing sheets, etc.  There was considerable movement going on around my nightstand, where books and magazines and stray papers often pile up.  My memory fails me here, but it is my belief that both wallets were in my nightstand.  On Sunday, I chose not to wear them to church.  I didn’t need to, and besides I was wearing a blouse with cuffs at the wrist, making it hard to button them if i wore the wallets.  I did not search for them – I knew where they were after all.

On Monday, Ashley and I had different errands.  I needed both wallets, as we would be doing our shopping separately.  I went to put on my wrist wallets.  My beige one was in the nightstand.  The black one was not.  I didn’t panic, because i knew it would be in one of its usual hiding places where I must have put it absent-mindedly.  My panic started surfacing as a general search did not reveal its hiding place.  Trying to clear my mind, I decided to go with Ashley anyway, hoping a bright idea of the wallet’s whereabouts would pop to the forefront of my memory.

My Gentle and hopefully psychic Readers, no more fruitful ideas have come to mind.  Several ideas did, but yielded no results.  Could it be in the laundry caught up in the sheets, or perhaps in the dryer?  No.  Could it be in the laundry basket with the rest of the clothes yet to be washed?  No. Could it have possibly been dropped in one of our recycling bags as I was cleaning those recyclable items from my bedroom?  As Ashley had made a trip to the recycling center on Saturday after I had finished with the bedroom, I made a call to our local sorting and handling center.  Our local center employs human sorters, so surely the wallet would be found among the plastic or cardboard or mixed paper cast-away bags.  A call to the center: the answer was “No.  Nothing like that has been recovered.” I had one last idea – that a suspected ghost that sometimes makes himself known in our 112-year-old farmhouse might perhaps be “playing with me.”  If so, it has not been returned.  I don’t call that playful, I call it mean! So today, my friends, after several more thorough searches through the entire house and the car, and some heartfelt pleas to the ghost, I decided to bite the bullet and start the process of reporting, canceling and/or replacing the lost items.

I went to my nightstand to retrieve my beige wallet to check exactly which cards are in it, so I would know what needed to be replaced.  THE BEIGE WALLET HAS VANISHED!  I’m telling you with absolute certainty the wallet was there last night.  I am totally distraught.  Please, with my description of what I have lost – or even a telephone call (which I will pay for) so you can hear my voice, perhaps picking up any “vibes,” is there anyone among you who might be able to discern where the wallets are?  I have of course been in frequent prayer for some calming hints about where I might have lost them.  So far no still small voice has spoken to me – or if it has, I have not had my ears attuned to it.


(P.S. Part 2 of yesterday’s post will be up on Saturday.)

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