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Here’s an assortment of facts and tips that i have collected over the last few months from magazines that have been provided by my doctor’s offices waiting rooms.  As most of you know, I’ve spent a great deal of time in the outer offices of an assortment of doctors, including my GP, a neurologist, a general surgeon, and of course my dear Dr. Paul Cutting – one of the best orthopedic/hand surgeons in the country.  What I haven’t mentioned to you about Dr. Cutting is that he was an Army surgeon for many years, and is responsible for repairing and saving the hands and arms of countless veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war arenas, many of whom were injured by the IED’s that have been ubiquitous in both of those war fronts..   He recently turned 50 years of age, but looks and behaves young enough to be in his 30’s – young enough for me to refer to him as “Sonny,” – but only behind his back!  The fact that I am tempted to call him that to his face (with plenty of affection, always) is a sure sign that I am growing old. . .


Now – on to some interesting facts and/or tips:

Log onto http://www.thegivingeffect.com and discover a terrific way to help others while decluttering your house!  At the Giving Effect you can browse through 1300 US charities and find out what items are on their wish list.  You then complete a simple form to arrange a pickup, drop-ff, or shipments. Operation Kid Equip, animal shelters, habitat for Humanity, and the American Cancer Society are among the many organizations that can benefit from your donations.  The site then generates an easily sharable web page that describes your gift and who it has helped. By spreading the news, you are stimulating more gifts and a greater effect!


Want to know some great computer keyboard shortcuts?  Here are a few of the more common ones that can save you some time and aggravation – for both Mac and Windows users.  Commit them to memory and you’ve given yourself some great time-savers:

Mac:  Cmd-Tab:  you can quickly and easily navigate through all your open applications.

Cmd-Ctrl-Eject:  Close all programs and reboot.  Even for a Mac, sometimes you have to do it!

Cmd-Opt-Eject:  Put your computer into Hibernation without turning off your computer, and you can easily restart where you left off – and no reboot required!

For both Mac and Windows users:  Use Cmd and + or – (Mac); or Ctrl and + or – (Windows) to enlarge or reduce the view on your screen.  Saves having to put on your reading glasses!

For Windows:  Alt-Tab  If you have eleventy-twelve windows open, this little shortcut helps you cycle through and around them quickly and easily.

Ctrl-A, – this will select all the text in your open window; Ctrl-C – copy all the text you’ve selected; Ctrl-V – paste it in another window. (I love this one!)

Alt-F4 – the fastest way to close an application.

Ctrl-Z – Undo; Ctrl-Y – Redo!

F1 is your universal HELP ME! key that will open the Windows help screen or help for a number of other programs.


Here’s a handy tip for a common problem!  Flummoxed and frustrated trying to neatly fold a fitted sheet?  Here’s an easy 5-step way to do it:

1. Remove the sheet from your dryer while it’s still warm, before some wrinkles set in;
2. Lay the sheet flat, on top of the bed, upside down (the sheet – not you!  😆 ), withe the elasticized edges facing up.  Straighten, smooth and flatten down all four corners.
3. Fold the bottom sheet edge up to the middle, then the top edge down to the middle, so they meet at the center.  Then smooth it out again with your hands.
4. Take the bottom and fold it up to the top.  Now you will have one long rectangle.
5. TO keep the sheet as flat as possible, use your forearm to smooth it out, then fold in half in the other direction.  Continue to smooth and fold in half until you are let with a nice neat square.

A great way to keep your sheet sets together, once folded, is to stack them, then slip them inside on of the pillow cases.  Then you know you have a complete set, and don’t have to go on a hunt!


One more great fact before I call it a day:  Did you know that by simply incorporating a salad bar into school lunch programs, you increase fruit and vegetable consumption an average of 1.2 servings per day.  Unfortunately only 21% of US schools offer a salad bar at least once per week.  A grassroots Public Health Initiative  – “Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools”  is working to bring in 6,000 of them by the year 2013. Visit saladbars2schools.org to ind out more, and help you children’s schools to include this healthy option in what is in many school districts a rather dismal offering.

If you have any Fabulous Fact to share, let me know at paulatc@hotmail.com.  I’ll be happy to include it or them in one of my FFF posts to come.  Have a wonderful weekend (check out Part 2 of “Stayin’Alive” tomorrow!) and I wish you all, as always, enough. . .

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