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The first thing that came to mind when I saw Sidey’s weekend theme – SUNSHINE – was that old song quoted in this post’s title. It goes on to say, “You make me happy when skies are gray.  You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you!  Please don’t take my sunshine away.”  Such sweet sentiment.

The next thing that came to my mind was a photograph I took near the end of the summer, of a sulphur butterfly doing its best to suck out the nectar from the blossom of a honeysuckle plant.  I laughed when I saw it working so hard, because it had jammed itself as far into the blossom as possible. What makes the photo interesting is the sunshine, back-lighting the butterfly’s wings, making them almost transparent, as well as rendering the blossom transparent enough that on closer examination, you can see the butterfly’s proboscis extended deeply inside the flower.

I had relegated this photo to my “marginally acceptable” pile because the gazing ball in the background picked up a flare from the sunlight as I snapped the photo; but it turns out to be perfect for this weekend’s theme! So here it is (clicking on it will give you a larger view in a separate window):

He flitted to another flower shortly after that photo was taken, and went on to another blossom that was almost completely wilted.  The butterfly buried itself even deeper into this flower!  Looks like he was going for the last drop!

Unseasonably warm weather has taken hold of almost the whole country.  A record-breaking statistical anomaly occurred Thursday.  For the first time since weather records have been kept, 98% of the country had low temperatures that were above the freezing mark.  Incredible. This season is so far being referred to as “The winter that wasn’t.”  Very odd, but far be it from most of us (unless you operate a snow skiing resort) from enjoying the sunshine.  Brings out the poet in all of us! 

© Paula Tohline Calhoun 2012

Filled with warmth, sometimes
Your light settles down upon me
Spreading beyond the landscape
And spilling over the rim of the horizon.

Had I never been cold
I might find your gift excessive.
But I have known my share of
Ice; felt the frost of darkness.

You lift your face to mine
And I know what summer is
I can recall the shimmering heat
And feel the warmth of such memories

And when you choose to turn away
And cast your gaze out of my sight
I will learn to bear the chill
And accept your pale reflection

Dissolved by the rain, disguised in vapor
You have hidden your light
But I have known my share of
Your fire; felt the heat of day.

My life has always been defined
By how and when you show to me
Yourself, your light, your warmth
The gift I cannot forget.


I wish you all, my Gentle Readers, enough. . .