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Monday has come and almost gone, so I am injecting some quick joy into the end of your day!  This joy has been mine for a few weeks now, and far be it from me to keep it all to myself.  A fellow blogger, Rose Mary Boehm – we will forgive her for being a blogspot user – has started up a site called “Houseboat.”  Rose Mary Boehm describes her blog in this way:

“A houseboat is an amalgam. Not just a place to live, not just a water vessel. It is both—stable, yet allowing movement. The arts are often viewed in separate boxes. We shall try to be more fluid, to make connections between artistic means of expression and between people. We will explore the relationship between forms of aesthetic sensibility and see where that leads us. If you feel a pull to join us in this journey of integration, we welcome you to Houseboat.”

What a great invitation!  I do hope that you will all take the opportunity to drop by and feast your eyes on some of the terrific photography and read some excellent poetry. Rose has been extremely generous to me with her time in critiquing some of my poetry over at Goodreads (another site I recommend for would-be writers!).  She is an excellent poet herself and has used up tons of energy with me in attempting to teach me the difference between “show” and “tell.” Alas, I am a stubborn student, who insists on telling a lot more than I show, but I am trying.

BTW, Rose did not ask me to do this – it’s a surprise for her too – so by no means should you infer that I am attempting to curry favorable critiques from Rose by doing this!  Houseboat is a great site, and it might be a site that will inspire you to jump on board. I hope so!

We all need some joy – especially on Mondays!   As an added bonus for today, I’ll include a couple of recent Non Sequitur cartoons by Wiley.  If you have been dreading all the @#$% that comes with an election year – you are not alone!

This cartoon appeared on December 31, 2011!

This is an idea that could catch on!

I wish you all, my Gentle Readers, enough. . .

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