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photo by angrywhitedude

. . .a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead — your next stop, the Twilight Zone.”
~~Rod Serling

The wonderful opening words to “The Twilight Zone” echoed through my mind when I first read Sidey’s weekend theme – “An Alternate Reality.” Next came these few words:

Once upon a winter’s day:

I grabbed my coat, my hat, scarf and gloves,
And stepped outside to breathe the air,
Stretch my legs, relax my brain
Enjoy the weather while it’s fair.

January 22, was the month and the day
And my house was in a northern clime
I should have been freezing, chilled to the bone
Instead I’m writing this stupid rhyme!

What’s going on? I thought to myself –
Are those bulbs sprouting up through the ground?
Where had I gone when I walked out the door
Had I entered a dimension of new sight and sound?

I’m in the Twilight Zone, I thought!
It’s supposed to be a cold afternoon
But this day in the middle of winter
Is as warm as the middle of June

Amazed and confused, I shrugged off my coat
Threw my hat, gloves, and scarf to the ground
This isn’t right, I said to myself
Why is there not one snowflake around?

Then I remembered some photos I’d seen
Of polar bears searching for ice,
Habitat diminishing, food sources scarce
Life for the animals isn’t so nice.

We are supposed to care for the world!
But some think it’s just fine and dandy.
“There’s no such thing as climate change –
We’ll just keep on with our modus operandi!”

I know the reason for the strange weather,
Even though there are many who do not agree.
It’s not a different dimension we’ve stepped into –
Global warming caused this alternate reality!


Not to end on a total downer, I will share with you my Monday joy: yesterday Hubs and I had the blessing of witnessing the baptism of our beautiful granddaughter, Zoë Alyson Calhoun.  The rite of infant and child baptism is a commitment made by the parents of the child and the community around her to live a life that becomes the Gospel, so that she might see the blessing of relationship with God and one day choose that for herself. It was a double blessing, because Ashley was privileged to be the one to preside over the ritual.  We enjoyed the time spent with our family members present, and with some close friends within our community of faith.

It was a wonderful afternoon, and blessed with the abundance of enough. . .