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 I awoke this morning to a throbbing thumb,
 Too late the thought of "more drugs" had come,
 But I was glad that I had slept at least some
 Before being awakened by the pain coming from
           my bulky bandaged thumb.

 So I popped a pain pill along with the others,
 Stretched out on my bed that had once been my grandmother's
 A recovery nap would have been my druthers
 And could have happened 'cept for a cat who smothers
           with his affection.

 So I gave up on that, arose, went and sat at my desk.
 I waited for Poly and her sweet humoresque,
 But all that I got was this poor rhyming grotesque
 So I gave her the rest of the day off.


Actually, my thumb is getting better.  I only take medication once or twice a day at most, so I know this round is coming to an end! Poly has been spending her time of late helping me with some revisions and editing of some of my other poetry, which is why I was easy on her today.  BTW, I found out this morning that I had been published on the “Poetry Breakfast” site on January 21.  I think I live in an alternate reality all the time these days.  I am so glad a Goodreads friend let me know – otherwise I wouldn’t have – and get this – I subscribe to Poetry Breakfast!  Where have I been?

So, I wish all of my Gentle Readers a wonderful Tuesday – the rest of it anyway.  Mine has been blessed as usual, and very busy with writing, writing, writing. . .Fortunately that is something I love to do!  Be glad I gave Poly the day off!  You should have seen the rest of the stuff she whispered in my ear.  Believe me, the sample I gave you is enough. . .

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