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Shortly after Zoë was born, I subscribed to a Dr. Seuss Book Club for her. Each month three books suitable for beginning readers arrives in my mail box.  A Dr. Seuss classic is always at least one of the three, and before I send the books along to Zoë, I always have a read through them myself. They bring back memories of the times our sons read these books or when we read to them.  Reading was always a big part of our daily routines.

One of the books that arrived today was one of my favorites:  “And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street!”  What a wonderfully creative tale about a little boy who is encouraged by his father to observe his surroundings whenever he goes outside and then to report at the end of the day about all that he has seen.  The boy generally embellishes his tale each day because the things that he observes each day are just not grand enough as far as he is concerned. He goes on to imagine some pretty wonderful sights, and he can’t wait to get home and tell his dad what he saw! “And to think that he (I) saw it on Mulberry Street!”

Of course, I was inspired to come up with my own bit of nonsense to tell to Zoë when I see her tomorrow.


One day on the way to Zoë’s house

Guess what! My sweet Zoë, what I saw today
When I stepped out the door and got on my way
To visit and bring you some pie à la mode?
An enormous, bedazzled, pink, flat-footed toad!

She looked like a fairy with bright purple wings
And on each of her fingers and toes there were rings
She held in one hand a wand with a star
While her other hand pointed the way to my car

She asked, “May I go with you on your visit?”
If it’s not too much trouble for you, that is.  Is it?”
I said, “Well, of course you may come if you wish!
And if you don’t mind, will you carry this dish?”

“Most certainly! I am pleased to assist!”
And slipped the bag with the dish on her wrist.
She got into the car – it was a tight squeeze
But she tucked in her elbows and hugged both her knees.

No sooner had we started out on the road
Than the enormous bedazzled pink flat-footed toad
Pulled out of one pocket her needles for knitting,
Two balls of yarn and three cherries for pitting,

Four mustache combs with five tins of wax
Six jars of jelly,and seven bags of tacks,
Eight gallons of seltzer, nine pounds of pickles,
And last, but not least, ten dollars in nickels!

She tossed every item onto the back seat
Except one jar of jelly – she rubbed that on her feet!
She asked me if I had any needles and thread.
I didn’t, so she asked for a shoe horn instead.

I had no shoe horn but I had a shoe string
“Will that do?” I asked, and she said “Just the thing!”
So just as we drove up to my sweet Zoë’s door,
I asked Fairy-toad, “What’s it just the thing for?”

“Shoe string’s just the thing for pie à la mode!
If you haven’t a shoe horn that’s fit for a toad”
So I gave her the shoe string, then rang your door bell.
When you came to the door she bid me farewell!

That’s why it’s just two of us here eating pie
And why you might see a tear in my eye.
‘Cause my friend, the “EBPF-F” toad
Didn’t stay here with us to eat pie à la mode!


I figure that’s enough. . .

(wc 634)

The poem was submitted to Funny Bunny Fridays at The Purple Treehouse for Week 6