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Sidey’s weekend theme is Synchronicity.  Isn’t it odd how that was just the thing on my mind?

Yesterday, while doing dishes at the kitchen sink –
Which is not as rare a chore for me as some of you may think.
While most of me was scouring pans and washing up the dishware,
My mind took off to do its thing in a realm located elsewhere.

Pondering my next blog post is what occupied my mind.
I had to do some writing soon – I was way too far behind.
Friday’s Fabulous Facts had taken on a somber tone,
I needed a cheerful subject, far from the “bummer” zone.

The perfect idea occurred to me of what I’d write about –
I hurriedly finished the dishes so that I could write it out.
It’s happened to me many times, just as I start to punch in
The number of a friend I thought I’d call and ask to luncheon,

I’ll get a call from her, and hear that she’s inviting me
To join her for a mid-day meal at her favorite eatery!
“But I called to ask you,” I laugh, “What wavelength are you on?”
She says, “Must be the same one that we both rely upon!”

I marvel that I thought of her just as she thought of me,
That we both had the same idea, and simultaneously!
I remembered then how often someone’s name has come to mind,
And I’ll feel the prompt to say a prayer, and only later find

That the one for whom I’d prayed and lifted to the light
Was at the same time searching for their way out of the night.
And I thought how so many times God’s peace has come to me
As I’ve known my burden lifted through another’s prayerful ministry.

It can seem accidental or a peculiar happenstance, as
Events converge together under unusual circumstances
But such things are evidence of the universe’s complicity
In the Creator’s plan for uniting us in a holy synchronicity.


I don’t know why, even with having experienced synchronicity so many, many times, that it still surprises me.  I guess it’s all a part of the abundance of enough. . .