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You’ll never guess who I am rooting for.  Ahem.  Actually, I probably won’t be watching much of the game this year – except to see some of the commercials (always a highlight of the game).  The reason I’m not watching is that I am in temporary mourning.  Eli is an OK kid, but he snubbed (probably wisely, but still) University of Tennessee.  He couldn’t have followed in his big brother Peyton’s footsteps anyway.  Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.  I won’t be watching much pro football until he is back.  I was delighted to hear that the doctors have cleared him to play, and he has been practicing.  Who he ends up playing for is still up in the air – if the Colts are stupid enough to release him to free agency. The only reason I would EVER be for the Patriots is if Peyton Manning ends up playing for them.  It is hard for me to imagine “my Peyton” playing for such a team, but. . . I suppose I could learn.

Until then – for this game at least, Go GIANTS!  After that – wherever Peyton goes, I go!  Now for some totally unbiased limericks:

There once was a Super Bowl Sunday
In fact there is one every year
Forty-five before this one
But if I could miss one
It’s this game – the outcome is clear!

Today is Super Bowl Number 46
The Pats were hoping the doctor’s would fix
The ankle of Gronkowski
But give him his house key
The Patriot’s chances are “Nix!”

The contest of Manning v. Brady
Will be finalized tonight,
At least for this year, but the future’s unclear
If the QB’s will meet-up, ‘n’ try not to be beat up
I doubt it, ’cause Brady’s afraid-y!

I wish you all – even the misguided Patriots fans – enough. . .