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No frozen lake this year so far. . .


Clear blue skies, no snow on spruce trees,
I am asking for a truce, please!
Spring has come, bypassed a season,
I really want to know the reason.
Why have bulbs been forced to sprout?
Why is forsythia popping out?
Winter’s efforts have been so small
that Spring took over after Fall.

I wonder, is it Winter’s ruse, meant
to trick us all for its amusement?
As skiers, sledders, children call for
snow, does Winter hope they’ll fall for
such a sly and clever trick?
I think the cold had best come quick!
For Winter will have lost its chance
to stop the early Spring’s advance.

I’m asking, Winter, won’t you please
come soon enough with your hard freeze
to put our garden back to sleep –
long enough so we can keep
a harvest rich with plump blackberries,
blossoms bright, and sweet Bing cherries.
If you come after they have bloomed,
Summer’s crops will all be doomed.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask
that you fulfill your perennial task
to give the earth and plants a rest,
and each bird time to build a nest.
If you’ve elected not to show
yourself with wind and drifting snow
I’ll give up waiting, and start to sing
a song that gladly welcomes Spring!


Very odd weather in these parts.  How about your neck of the woods?  I miss the welcome change of seasons after a winter of snow.  Spring seems all the more beautiful when it comes when it’s due.  I wonder if we are in for a hot, hot summer?  I might be able to predict the outcome of football games, but as my husband says when folks ask him to pray for rain, or sun, or whatever, “I don’t do weather!”

I wish you all enough. . .

(This poem is posted for Open Link Night‘s 30th week  at d’VersePoets )

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