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Here are a few facts – they are not necessarily fabulous, depending upon your own POV.

It is predicted that this weekend is going to bring us a significant snow storm.  Hmmm. I didn’t know the heavenly weather moderator read my blog.  Still and all, since the storm has been predicted, I’ll wager that if we get more than two or three snowflake’s deep worth of snow, then I will be startled.

The norm around here is that the worst storms come out of thin air, and are seemingly totally unpredictable.  Part of the reason I have been waiting all winter on pins and needles for a decent snowstorm is because none has been predicted – except for a couple of times, when of course we got none. With no predictions, I kept expecting to be blindsided.  No.  Cunning little weather moderator.  Keeps me continually off guard.  I’ll pretend that I don’t notice or care.  In any event, as my brother Dick always tells me, “There’s a 50-50 chance you’ll be right (or wrong)!”

Another “FFF” today is not so fabulous for Hubs and me, but truly wonderful for Zoë and her Mom and Dad.  Ever since they moved to Asheville from the Outer Banks (OBX), Kill Devil Hills, NC, just shortly after Zoë was born, they have been itching to go back to the shore.  I do understand – it is beautiful out there, but it is so far away from us! However, the cost of living coupled with year-round job opportunities made living on the OBX a difficult proposition.  So hoping to find work closer to us, they moved to within 1/2 hour of our home.  FABULOUS!  You know how hard it has been on me to have to take care of my granddaughter.  Poor me!  😆

Fortunately for Matt, almost immediately he found a job as an insurance salesman for AAA in North Carolina.  They sent him to “insurance school” and paid him through it enough that he and his family could eke out a better living with his one job than they had been able to manage before with Matt working two jobs (full time – he slept about once a week!), and Suddie working full time as well.  They were just barely keeping their heads above water – but they did!

Matt started to feel some job pressures, however, that gave him some difficulties for a while, but they slowly ironed out.  Pressures came with the new job that he did not experience while being assistant pro at a golf course, and managing the pro shop!  In addition, he was in two bands that played all night several times a week. (He managed to sleep about once a week – I wonder why?)

After moving to Asheville, his employers on the OBX at the golf course kept at him to “please come back to the OBX!”  His former employer offered Matt a new position at the club, one that would probably have more regular hours.  His former boss asked him how much money he needed to entice him to come back out.  Matt told him, and they arrived at a middle-ground dollar/benefits figure – neither was ecstatic, but it would get Matt and his family out there as a one-job, living-wage family.   All settled, right? When Matt gave his notice to AAA, they started begging him to stay.

They completely revamped the benefits package at the firm and upped the commission rates, etc.  And one other very persuasive bonus:  He could go live on the OBX and work from his home.  They would set up the office equipment and support there in whatever home they chose, and he would have direct call-center connections, which will make it much easier to make contacts.  He was bowled over by the offer – and the first year, has been promised a better salary than the highest figure he had asked his golf-course employer for originally.  He was so happy, and feels very fortunate to have found this job.  When spending time with Zoë today while her Mom did some packing, she said that as hard as being away from the beach has been she is nevertheless glad they came, because if they had not come out here, Matt would not have gotten this job, and been able to offer their young family some stability.  I grinned when I heard her say that.  That’s the way God works.  God sometimes puts us in situations that seem like they could never work out to our good, and then through that situation, God turns our lives around.  Serendipity.  So this FFF is:  Zoë’s family is very happy!  And her Granny and Granddaddy are a bit sad.  But at least we have a place to stay when we go to the beach – and I think that I will be going often!  I don’t know why.

The following fact is not fabulous.  It’s downright disturbing and appalling. It invokes several feelings inside my gut.  As the video says, “Only in America!”  And of course they are probably right.  I guess there is a sort of pride we can take from behavior and statements made by the voice-over on the video.  Few, if any, other countries would allow a citizen to get away with such incredible and inflammatory bias.  I am disturbed to hear so-called “God-fearing Christians” talk about their faith while exhibiting behavior in complete contrast to the Model.  We live in a strange country.  We live in a strange world.  But it’s the only one we have, and we will either content ourselves to lie in the bed we made, or change the sheets!  Laundry day is coming soon for us all, I think.

So I will close this rambling post with the video, but so that it won’t be a complete downer, I’ll end it with a little funny story/joke.

Press this link to see the video:  Keller’s Riverside Store.

When I was growing up, my family enjoyed listening to records.  They could be music or the spoken word – especially if the spoken word was comedy!  There was a comedian at the time (I’ve forgotten his name) who did a wonderful monologue called “Number One Street,” about traveling the USA from Maine to Florida on US Hwy. #! (originally called The Boston Post Road).  The comedian talks about traveling to Florida, and all the tourist spots that they visited, as well as taking a brief weekend cruise to Nassau, Bahamas.  He talks a bit about what they did there, but then he says that when they returned to the US, they were asked upon arrival by the customs agents, “Have you anything to declare?”  His punch line is one that I and my family have repeated over and over again – every time we come home from a vacation.  And no matter how wonderful the vacation has been, we will all still say,

“I declare I’m broke and glad to be home!”

I suppose we can even get too much of a good thing!  So it is appropriate that I close this day’s post with a wish that you all may have just enough. . .

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