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I haven’t exactly been lazy, but I’m giving you a couple of classic comedy monologues by Andy Griffith today for a couple of reasons:

1.  I spent too much time writing long, blow-hard, extensive comments on other people’s blogs (you know who you are) that I didn’t feel like writing much else.

2.  I am busy with finishing up with my response to Sidey’s Weekend Theme – Revenge.  The theme fits so perfectly with what has come to pass here in Paula-land (also known as Pau-la-la-land), that it took up too much of my time.  It will be posted sometime tomorrow.

Until then, stop and grab yourself some hot coffee, hot tea, warm cocoa, or iced tea, ice water, lemonade or whatever warms or cools you – depending on desire and which hemisphere you are living in – and settle back for a few laughs.  It is very quaint – early 1950’s – American comedy.  I hope all you non-Americans can appreciate it a much as I have.  I’ve known both of these monologues my whole life, and can recite a lot of it from memory!  Enjoy, and we’ll meet up again tomorrow.  Assuming, that is, that you haven’t yet had enough. . .

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