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I am re-posting the following poem in honor of and for the love of my husband, Ashley.  He is, without doubt, among the greatest men who has ever walked the face of the earth.  Describing “Hubs” is not easy for me, because he is so multifaceted, but there are two words which state it as well or better (and certainly more succinctly) than I ever could:  “A Christian Gentleman.”


In Search of Definition

I cannot set aside a day, nor a moment, not one hour
For this sweet celebration, my spiritual annuity.
This expression of true feelings is perennial, its flower
Returns and blooms again in perpetuity.

My heart will not be limited, by space nor circumstance.
My love is not contained, it has no boundaries.

My heart shall not be trapped in some artless, random dance,
A brief, last-minute waltz, tripped out upon a breeze.

Secret and proclaimed, it fills each mental corner,
My passions woven, strong, through all my will.
Choosing not to be divided, a designated mourner
For some dwindling never-after that careless thought can kill.

Not frivolous, nor superfluous, but elegantly shining –
Meticulously crafted, and freely improvised;
Amazing, everlasting, open, unconfining,
Love that has no definition; accepted, realized. 


Happy St. Valentine’s Day, to one and all – but most of all to the man who has been beside me for more than 36 years, and has managed to show me he loves me every day, in so many ways.  But my favorite of the many thoughtful things he does for me is that from our very first date on March 1, 1975, he has never parted from me without a kiss.

Love is the only thing in all creation of which there can never be enough. . .