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Today I want to introduce you to my Monday Joy –  a great blogger and her wonderful blogs.  If you are multi-lingual you are in a better position than I to catch all of the nuances in her Dutch blog “Doldriest,” but no translation is necessary for English speakers reading her blog, “Figments of a Dutchess.”

Marion Driessen is the author of both of these terrific blogs.  Interestingly enough, I came across her Dutch blog first – and for the life of me, I do not remember how I found it.  It is possible that she found me first (again, that would be a mystery!), but however it happened, finding her blogs has been a wonderful treat for me, and I hope that one or both can be added to your regular blog reading schedule as well!

Doldriest means “foolhardy,” and the tag line for that blog is one of the best of all I have seen:  “Life is plural of guts!  Stories, poems, and anecdotes of everyday life.”  Using the “Google translate” service, I have been able to enjoy reading her musings and thoughts on her “foolhardy” (hardly!) life.  There have been a few unintentional chuckles too, I suspect!  The translations are often odd – at least I think they must be!  But those little things add to the charm.  I hope you will decide to take a Dutch holiday!

“Figments of a Dutchess” is written in English.  Marion is remarkably facile in English – enough so that I am not able to tell you whether her native language is Dutch or English.  Her tag on that blog reads, “On Figments, I share my travel through life, my dreams and treasures found. Often with a dressing of humor. And YES, ‘Dutchess’ is misspelled, but hey, what do I know? I don’t belong to the English nobility… I’m just Dutch!”  “Dutchess” – a great play on words, isn’t it?

Marion’s profile reads:

“Southern temperament with a soft voice, though strong enough to keep two sons in check. Bandit, my lazy but funny tom cat, on the other hand, goes his own way.

Writing is my passion, in English on this blog and in Dutch on Doldriest. I hold a bachelor’s degree in sociological recreation and am working as information manager and e-learning coach at a university. DutchText is my writing company.

I’m an avid reader of fantasy, mysteries & thrillers (Boekaholic), play RPGames and am roleplayer in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, as you can read in Dungeon Dutchess.

In Blog! I gather information on writing and blogging (in English and Dutch) and am co-writer of Dierlantijnen (in Dutch).”

If that’s not enough to entice you to enjoy Marion’s writing, then perhaps this little blurb will (from her “about” page):

“Figments come and go as they please, roaming through my head like tiny fireflies or brilliant flashes. They can’t be tamed, but might be willing to yield to a kind nudge, very gently. These figments express themselves through photos, music and poetry, art and stories. Thank you for reading my dreams…”

I hope you will all take her up on the invitation!  Stop by one or both of her blogs, comment, subscribe.  Oh!  And tell her I sent you!

I wish you all enough. . .