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Remember this post (click on the link)?  Things have gotten really weird here and I don’t mind telling you that I am creeped out!  I think some of you might find this interesting and a bit creepy as well:

Hubs gave me a robe for Christmas this past year.  It was exactly the kind I had been looking for.  The one I had before was way too big, and it closed with a tie/sash that was always being misplaced or falling off.  And the robe wrapped around me a couple of times (an exaggeration, but it felt like it did!).  The new robe is a lovely shell pink, of a soft velour-type fabric, but not so heavy that it cannot be worn year-round.  Plus – the best part – it zips up in the front, therefore staying closed when I wear it.  Yay! Color me happy!    😆

I first posted about my vanished wrist wallets on January 5.  While one was found, the most important, the one with my credit cards, etc. has never been recovered.  I have since replaced the necessary cards that were lost.  The “incident” is behind me now, but Ashley and I both sort of jokingly figure that a playful ghost had taken it.

Just a few days after the wallet incident, before the middle of January, I had my robe on, and loving the feel of it, I went downstairs to tell Hubs and express my thanks once again for the wonderful gift.  He smiled and we both admired it once more.  Until last week, we did not see it again.  I kid you not.

I went to put it on the next morning, and could not find it.  My first thought was that it must be in the laundry, having been caught up in the load of clothes and sheets that I had taken to the washing machine.  Nope.  Ashley and I started our search.  We went over every square inch of the house and garage.  Mind you, this was not some small thing, like my wrist wallet, that could easily hide from our sight – it was a long (ankle-length), long-sleeved robe, of a relatively heavy fabric that could not easily hide from us.

Weeks went by.  Hubs helped me change the sheets on my “insomnia” bed at least once, and I changed them a few times as well.  The robe was not on, in, or near the bed.  IT WAS GONE.  PERIOD.  Every once in a while, we remarked to one another, “That is so weird!  Where could it be?  Did you ———?” (Fill in the blank with some odd thing I could have done with it, or remote place I could have put it.)

Last Thursday, I found the robe underneath the pillow next to the one I use.  It was stuffed there, but clearly visible when I awoke that morning.  The notion that we have a mischievous ghost no longer seems so far-fetched.  Because I swear to you all, it absolutely was not there before that morning.  As a matter of fact, I never put it there when I took it off.  I either draped it over my desk chair, or hung it on the hook on the back of the door.  Also, no visitors have been upstairs in that bedroom since the robe was lost.

Just writing about it now, I feel goosebumps rise on my arms, and chills running down my spine.  I am not frightened so much as I am completely befuddled and amazed!  It is indeed a mystery of the highest order – well not the highest order – I mean it’s not like I found the location of Amelia Earhart’s plane, or the true identity and whereabouts of the Count of St. Germain – but still and all, it is a big mystery.

When I lifted the robe and shook it out, I had a sudden vision.  I immediately went to the pockets on the robe, to see if my wrist wallet was there.  And guess what???

I’ll tell you tomorrow. . .

Intrigued yet?  Not enough. . .