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Sidey’s Weekend Theme is Illusion.  First thing I thought of, as regards Sidey’s reason for deciding upon this theme, is that when people give us the illusion of being something or someone they are not, or give us misleading statements, then we must suffer their ill use – an ill-use-ion – if you will pardon the pun. (You don’t have to pardon it – I don’t really care either way!) So I – Surprise! Surprise! – wrote a poem:

The Illusion of Ill Use

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch;
To keep all your horses, secure the barn’s latch;
Platitudes spoken to educate us,
But used by some to placate us.
They tell us, “I will do as promised.”
(Words often used by a demonomist.)

We are led to believe such people who
Say they will, yet don’t follow through.
We take them at their word, then find
Their promises bring no peace of mind.
We must step in and try to repair
The damage done by their hot air.

And when the time for credit’s due
You – who saw the project through,
The one whose faith has been ill-used –
Finds herself once more abused.
The slacker stands to take the praise,
The accolades and the salary-raise.

In future, if not with a grain of salt
We take their word, then it’s our fault.
“Once burned, twice shy” becomes our motto
We’ll know their words are mere bravado.
Their promises are but an illusion
That lead to the foregone conclusion:

It’s often healthier to be skeptical
Unless you wish to be the receptical
For ones who dish out such abuse –
Their crafty illusions are just ill use.

My!  I sound vindictive, don’t I?  Oh well – it appears that I will do anything to make a rhyme. . .given the time. . .or the right stuff. . .enough. . .