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I’m taking the opportunity to share with you some posts that brought some joy to my life, some laughs and smiles.  I hope you will check them out and perhaps find something new to enjoy!

In Eric’s inimitable style, he brings us an up-to-the-minute report on one of the current presidential campaigns.  Check out the most recent edition of “The Anvil.”  (And welcome back, Eric!)  I almost forgot – Eric has a new blog that he has reserved for some of his more “serious” writing!  Check it out, and tell him I sent you!

My pal, “The Colonialist,” published a short (blessedly) response to a photo prompt that had to be done in exactly 33 words.  I shouldn’t tease him too much – after all, we are collaborating on a poetry collection – which will, sooner or later, be available for sale or whatever. . .   😆

Check out my friend Dannie Hill‘s recent short story – which proves that you can take a redneck to Thailand, but even Thailand won’t bleach the red from his neck! Take the time to read this story – and enjoy!

It will come as no surprise that I include Tilly, The Laughing Housewife‘s blog in my list of posts that bring laughter, smiles, and joy. I won’t even be crass and mention that she obviously stole the idea for presenting a list of essential facts as her post. . .because her facts are completely different from mine, and skewed to her British readership! (Notice how I didn’t mention it?)

One more for your Monday pleasure: As though she needs any more traffic – I will share with you Nancy’s post “MANGIA!”  Nancy always manages to either inform, enlighten, or amuse – and sometimes all three!  Anyway – enjoy Nancy’s take on how she likes to eat, and her “admission:”  ” If I could take a magic pill every day and be healthy, trim, and fit my entire life . . . as long as I did NOT eat or drink anything else . . . I would refuse the pill and order an extra-large pizza.”  Just so you know, Nancy – I’m with you!  Better make that a colossal pizza – lots of cheese, mushrooms, onions and green peppers – anything veggie as long as there are no green olives on it!

As always, my Gentle Readers, I wish you enough. . .