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Couldn’t let this Monday Joy day go by without sharing with you some great cartoons, and a recent photo of mine with the chicken tale that goes with it.

Now for some photos of a handsome rooster!  This fellow and his “charges,” have wandered into our yard a few times in the last several days.  I posted a couple on the Fabulous Facts last Saturday, but they were taken from a distance, because as soon as they saw me, they took off for home (next door).  This handsome rooster was not among that crew – he apparently did not deign to be a part of the group.  But Sunday afternoon, he brought his crowd down to our yard again.  Our first visitors ran away again as soon as they saw me – but this fellow was not the least bit afraid, and posed for me – I was close enough to touch him – but didn’t!  He looked like he was in charge!  He even let out a fine “cock-a-doodle-do” just for me.  At one point he looked like he was smirking at the rest of his gang.  He stuck around for the photos.  When I was done, he left. . . he and I both had enough. . .

"Aren't I Handsome?"

The "chicken" chickens