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Monday again, already!

I am going to share with you briefly a special joy that has come into my life.

Some of you may be familiar with Kenneth Olembo, (“Kolembo”), a WordPress blogger and an extraordinarily talented poet from Africa.  His poetry blog, Tomatoes, Oranges, and Other Fruit is a revelation, and I think you all will find some exquisite treasures there!

Some time last year, when Kenny started blogging, I chanced upon his poetry, and immediately jumped on the subscription bandwagon.  We started a correspondence, which has continued on and off since that time.  We are slowly coming to know and understand one another and both of us are enjoying our cyber-friendship.

In the past few months, Kenny has experienced some incredibly difficult tragedies in his life.  He suspended writing poetry for a while – which was a loss I keenly felt!  When I saw a new poem by him had arrived in my e-mail inbox recently, I was thrilled!  We have picked up where we left off, and about two weeks ago, he invited me to join him on a new 100-day spiritual walk he will be taking.  I felt so honored to be invited along, that I immediately said yes, and we have been walking the journey “together.”

Kenny is keeping a daily blog called “Absolutely Random – Shitsugane” as his travel diary – and has added me on as another author.  Each entry is about the day’s challenge, a list of which can be found here.*  Anyone who would like to join us is welcome.  Check out the daily challenge at the link, and then enter your reflections on the day in the comments section beneath either Kenny’s or my post of the day.

Both of our journeys are for different reasons, and the same reasons.  We want to grow closer to our God through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We have decided to be completely honest with our reflections, and share our feelings on our progress.  Lately we have imagined ourselves, along with Jesus, at a campfire each night, going over the events of the day, and discussing our progress.  It has been a very interesting journey so far – today marks our 11th day.  There have been a few tears of frustration, but there have been even more laughs and smiles.

It is not often that people are invited to read a private diary (at least of a living person!), but we are inviting you to do just that.  Understand that if you choose to walk with us, there are no requirements that you share, although I believe that taking us into your concerns and joys will add to the immediacy of your experience along the way.

Not only is the walk my Monday Joy – it is my everyday joy!  Will you join us?

I wish you all, my Gentle Readers, joy enough. . .