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On a Wednesday. . .

It is still Wednesday, so I am actually getting the official Wednesday post up on its due date!  Wow!  Somebody pat me on the back or I’m going to have to break my arm doing it myself!  Last week we jumped over “K” because it was Leap Day, and I couldn’t resist posting that “L” word – especially as that particular day only comes around once every four years.  So, her we go with “K”, OK?

Some terrific K words for you, that all have a rather eerie relationship, even though they are not from the same root words.  You will be amazed how all these words just flow synchronously together to express my concerns this election year. (The lexicon for this post will appear in tomorrow’s post, “Theme-less Thursday.”

Ever since the electioneering began, I have been experiencing my biennial kippage, producing bouts of kenspeckle kecking.  It is all caused by that knick-knackatory that comprises our knackish kleptocracy in Washington, DC.  The whole kakistocracy deserves to be knubbled and knouted, then dumped into one large kistvaen.  My inability to knubble and knout those killcows has me knubbling the wall in frustration.  They call themselves representatives, but the only people they represent are the killcrops that paid enough money to insure their election.  In return, they ramp up their killcropping to the exclusion of every other citizen of the country.  It is about time that we gather together a temporary kritarchy, made up of unbiased and fair people.  The day of reckoning is near – the kritarchs will be able to deliver their decisions using heavenly keraunoscopia, that is kenspeckle in the atmosphere.

I fear that would not work, however, for it is likely that even among honorable people, half of them have kainotophobia, and the other half suffer from kakorrhaphiophobia. And  in my own kitthoge way, I would likely contribute to the general malaise of kakorrhaphiophobia!  I am at my wit’s end.  I refuse to watch network TV anymore because of those killcows, so the only way I have found I can use to determine for whom I should vote is by means of kephalanomancy.  The current group of killcrop, knackish kleptocrats insures me I will have no shortage of material with which to work my magic.  I’d use them all, but I haven’t got a big enough oven.

I am already sick and tired of it all, and I no longer have the least desire to spend more time on this sort of kenodoxy.  It’s only March, and I have already had more than enough. . . 

(P.S. The Canada geese have been strutting their stuff at the Lake these days.  Here are a couple of recent photos I’m posting to fulfill the requirements of Wednesday’s meme.)

(Words and definitions for my “Wednesday’s Word and Picture” posts are most often found at the following highly-recommended site:  Phrontistery )