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. . .that I posted this request/comment.   In that post I was asking all of you, my Gentle Readers, to boost my “hit stats” up to the 25,000 mark. (Counting started the end of September, 2010.)

Lo! And Behold!  I noticed this morning that I am now only a few hits short of the 30,000 mark!  It took 28 months to get to 25,000.  In less than 3 another 5,000 have dropped by! My averages are skyrocketing!  It seems shameless self-promotion works! That makes you all the best readership in the world, or maybe just the ones with the most time on their hands.

Whatever the reason, I’ll take the hits!  I love the “likes” and the “follows” too, but my favorite are your comments.  However, I know what a time-eater commenting can be, because the more blogs I follow, the less time I have to comment – if I am going to read them all, anyway!

I also have added three more countries to my visit list, standing now at 103 different nations represented on my hit list.  And, wonder of wonders, Nunavut paid a visit!!!  I was thrilled.  It is just one hit, but it counts.  However, to my great disappointment, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland/Labrador, and the Northwest Territories have not yet sent a representative to visit me.

I wonder if I have somehow offended?  Perhaps my blog is banned in those provinces for being the purveyor of banal and boring content.  I know! It’s my slide shows!  Whatever, if there’s a law against it, and that is the reason none of those fabulous Canadian citizens have visited, then may I suggest some Civil Disobedience?

In closing, UP THE STATS! I shall be checking in with my Kindle Fire occasionally (every minute or two) to see how quickly the numbers rise.  Tell your friends. . .

Here’s a favorite photo, to round off this bonus post for today. Thanks for giving me so much!  It is all a part of my abundance of enough. . .