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The closest I could come to an illustration of a killcrop. (Photo: ackandcatcurio.com)

As promised – here is your lexicon – it should be useful to you in translating yesterday’s post – my kippage over the killcows and killcrops that make up our kakistocracy here in the USA!  Enjoy!  If you want to start your own rant – these words can be very useful.

kainotophobia – fear of change
kakistocracy – government by the worst
kakorrhaphiophobia – fear of failure
keck – to retch; to feel disgust
kenodoxy – the love or study of vain-glory
kenspeckle – easily recognizable or distinguishable
kephalonomancy – divination by use of a baked ass’s head
keraunoscopia – divination using thunder
killcow – a bully; a swaggerer
killcrop – a greedy insatiable baby; a changeling
kippage – state of displeasure or anger
kistvaen – tomb covered with stone slabs
kitthoge – left-handed; awkward
knackish kleptocracy – crafty cunning government of thieves
knick-knackatory – a collection of knick-knacks
knout – to flog or scourge
knubble – to beat with the fists
kritarchy – government of judges

I stay on the lookout for even more descriptive words, (“K” or otherwise), on the state of our political situation.  I’ll let you know if I find any.  Until then, these will get you started, and should be enough. . .