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Sidey’s weekend theme is “Let them eat cake.”  Herewith my thoughts on feeding and eating cake:

It sits there, on the linen-decked table,
a pedestal-plate, gold on crystal gleaming.
Upon the plate sweetness,
lovely, tempting, sweet, dangerous.

“Eat it!” she says.  “Take it!
It’s yours.  Just come and get it.”
She marvels that there are no takers.
All they want is bread.

Why fight for the essential,
when the frivolous is offered?
Why not starve the soul
when you can rot your teeth?

I read of such back-hand generosity,
shake my head. “Surely not I, Lord?””
I think, smug and secure,
of course she lost her head.

Yet with every platitude I utter,
with every complaint not followed
with action, the guillotine descends
toward my own neck.  I weep.

Indifference and neglect,
willful ignorance – distilled
into one cast-off phrase,
that is bandied every day.

“Let them eat cake!” Children starve.
“Let them eat cake!” War is declared.
“Let them eat cake!” Blades descend.
Such words demand a reckoning.


So.  In my mind, this post was going to be a humorous rant, but it came out on cyber-paper as something else all together.  I guess I found it difficult to treat lightly an issue people are dying over every moment of every day. Platitudes and armchair solutions are easy.  Effective action and implementation are hard.  We all need to get busy, because there will be a reckoning.  Soon.

May we all be blessed with enough. . .