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Is there joy in wakefulness?
Is there rest in ceaseless thought?
Each joint sings out its achefulness
But with the song has brought
To me some comfort in this night,
In remembering some other times
I could not sleep, nothing was right,
Insomnia the least of crimes.
Now I have a brighter vision
Of the rhythm of my days
I care not that its imprecision
Moves my life in unorthodox ways.
I might complain of lack of sleep
And strength for the work I love;
But as long as I can earn my keep,
Even when push comes to shove,
I’ll take what comes and fashion it
Throughout the longest night,
Into a life as passionate
As the one lived in daylight.

Now ain’t that poem the sweetest thing
That you have ever read?
Don’t it make you want to sing
And bake a loaf of bread?
Note how this awful, banal rhyme
Degenerates as I write it
Don’t keep wasting precious time
When you can dynamite it.
You see, I’ve more than exaggerated
My rose-colored glasses view –
If I’d written this poem unexpurgated
This page and the air would both be blue.

In order to balance that stupid little ditty created by my sleep-deprived mind, I took some photos this morning, to let you all know, that despite my crabby disposition, I really did find some Monday Joy.  It is enough. . .

My sincere apologies to TOM Petty – not Tome Petty.  Hubs pointed that error out to me after he viewed the slideshow.  Of course with my addled brain it did not occur to me to have him view it for me before it was saved and published!  Oh, well.

(This post is also part of Weekly Winners/photography)