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Who knows what lurks in our 112-year old farmhouse? (Besides me, Hubs, Princess and Justin)

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About that ghost. . .

You might recall me telling you about what Hubs and I feel must be a ghostly visitor in our house.  There have been some very curious developments about the antics of our invisible visitor.  Check out these posts here and here for a quick reminder.

My black right-wrist wallet has not been found.  The tan one that I wear on my left wrist was found about two days after it was lost.  It was found in a place that I had carefully searched, tucked inside a pillow case on the bed.  About a week before the disappearance of the wallets, I had spent some time redistributing the cards that I kept in those wallets.  In the black wallet I placed all my most important cards:  My two debit cards, one credit card, driver’s license, insurance cards, Medicare card and Social Security card.  They are the ones I have to use most of the time, and it made it easier for me to get to them instead of having to go through every card to get to the important ones.

I delayed getting replacements for my lost cards because I kept hoping that the wallet would be found.  Here is the really strange part about all this:  When the tan wallet was returned, I did not check it right away;  I knew what was in it. Several days later, I opened the tan wallet to get one of our “Value Cards” that grocery stores use now to make you believe that you are getting a discounted price on their over-priced items. Inside the tan wallet were all my important cards except the two debits and the one credit.  Some ghost!  It had taken the second wallet and put the harder-to-replace items (driver’s license, insurance and Medicare/Social Security cards) from the black one into the tan, and returned the tan.

If you will recall, I had lost just after the first of the year my Christmas gift, a robe I had been wanting, from Ashley.  The robe was the first thing to be “lost.”  (For “lost” read disappeared!”) We both remember very clearly my coming downstairs early in January, wearing the robe, and thanking him again for the wonderful gift.  When I took it off that day, it was the last time I saw it – at least for several weeks.  To say that we searched for it is an understatement.  We quite literally went over every square inch of the house searching for it.  It was made with a velour-type fabric, in a light pink shade, and was ankle-length – so it could not be hidden easily.  Hubs and I changed the sheets on the bed more than once during the time it was gone, and it had still not been recovered when the wallets disappeared.

Just about 10 days ago, when I got out of bed one morning, I saw the robe, jumbled up and stuffed under the pillow beside mine on the bed.  I shouted!  I could not believe it, because there is no way it was there before then – ever.  I would not have jumbled it up in any event, but hung it on the back of the bedroom door.  When I grabbed it and shook it out, the thought occurred to me that perhaps our ghost had tucked my black wallet in the pocket of the robe.  My hands were trembling when I reached into the pocket to see if it was there.  It was not.  The black wallet has not been found, but the three “money” cards have been replaced, quite easily, I might add.

Other than an occasional phantom cool breeze, that will blow over me on occasion when in the bed in the insomnia room, there were no incidents of “stealing” – that is, until March 4. (The breeze is restricted to the air just above me, and we can find no source for it.  It comes over me, stays for a few minutes, and then disappears.  It is not frightening, nor do I feel threatened.),   I was way too sleep-deprived to attend church that morning, so Ashley went by himself.  He returned home after church, and did not leave the house until Monday morning, when he had an appointment in town. He went to get the car keys, and could not find them.  Now, I won’t say that is a rare occurrence in our house, but if they are not on the hook by the door, where we generally leave them upon returning home, they are always in one of about three or four places where we are likely to lay them down.

If we thought we had turned the house upside down to find the robe and wallets, it is nothing like what we did and are still doing to find Ashley’s keys.  They have to be either in the house or perhaps in the garage.  They are not.  They are GONE!  I could not immediately find my set, and because we had to be able to use the car that day, we had to have it towed to the dealership, and have a key programmed and made for us.  That cost $127.  Those anti-theft type keys are expensive, and we only got the standard key for that sum, as one of the remote keys (like the one lost) will cost about $350.  Since the new key was reprogrammed, when my set was found a few days later under the driver’s seat of the car, they are unusable, and we will have to spend more money to get it reprogrammed now too – as we will Ashley’s if and when we find it.

So the search goes on.  We consulted a very dear friend who is also a very good psychic.  She lives in Arizona, so she did a remote reading for us.  She did in fact sense an entity, but she says that the entity is not trying to play with us, but is trying to tell us something.  Especially with the keys.  She feels that it is saying that the keys are meant to unlock something (other than the car 😆 ), and that we will understand when the keys are returned the reason we must search for them.

We still have our house on the market, and we feel like it will probably sell this spring or early summer.  In anticipation of that, we have been researching houses nearer to town and Ashley’s work (which is the only reason we want to sell).  After the first of the year, we really started “ramping up” our search.  Ashley spends some part of every evening checking on line for new properties for sale, and about every ten days our friendly real estate agent takes us around to see some of the houses we have an interest in.

Perhaps our ghost doesn’t want us to leave.  As I said, we do not feel threatened – just completely mystified.  I will let you know if we solve this Nancy Drew-type story – “The Mystery of the Robber Ghost.”

Any thoughts?  Had any experiences of your own? Share with us in your comments!  Believe me, it has been an interesting few months, but we have now had enough. . .