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Jamie Dedes, of “Musing by Moonlight,” honored me last week with the “Sunshine Award.”  I love the thought that maybe I bring sunshine to the blogosphere, but as the title of my blog says, I bring quite a few clouds, too!  In any event, I am touched and grateful.  As I only recently responded to being “tagged,” I am going to do my best to be as original as possible and fulfill all the requirements, which include posting the Sunshine Award badge, passing the award along to ten other bloggers deserving of the award, and sharing ten things about myself.*

Here goes:  Ten bloggers (in no particular order) I wish to highlight (and they might be surprised that I am a regular reader):  Milk Fever (maybe this nomination will jump-start her into posting more often!), Naomi’s Notes (Naomi Estment, and her husband Dave are two of the most extraordinary photographers on the planet, and have been a huge source of inspiration for me.), turtle memoirs (Ruth writes exquisite poetry, and is able to express her heart like no other poet I know.), Broken Sparkles (Blaga brings to her beautiful blog a fresh perspective on just about anything, and tells some enchanting stories.), A Writer’s Blog (Lara has such great ideas for writing, and gives great prompts that I am addicted to giving a try, but seldom post – it’s that perfection thing again – see #6 below.), Fantasyfic (Sandra is one of the best blog commenters in the blogosphere, and has even stepped in for me as a guest blogger – her post was one of the high points of my blog last year!), Pen ‘n Tonic (Caerlynn always has some interesting things to read, and is most often far briefer and more concise in her writing than I – something many of you will feel is a special bonus!), The Magnificent Something, a blog that is just what the title says – magnificent, and always something different!), Katie’s Camera Blog, (Katie has been a great help to me with her photography tips and ideas, and she posts some beautiful photos!), last, but certainly not least, is Hella Sydney, ( a blog by a Yank who has relocated herself to Sydney, Australia, and gives us her travelogue through the land of Oz).

1.  I have gained and lost, gained and lost, etc. over the course of my lifetime enough weight to equal the combined weight of about 10,000 people. (I don’t know the exact number of pounds in total, but I don’t believe that the above fact is hyperbole – not by much if at all.)

2.  My husband loves me anyway.

3.  If it were up to me alone, I would adopt every homeless child and homeless animal that I see or know of.  Although Hubs is of the same compassionate mind, his compassion is also combined with wise pragmatism.  That’s a good thing.  If we had adopted every living thing I have wanted, I would not be a blogger, but blogged about.  A lot. (I am not exactly sure how I would raise all those children and animals while a resident in a psychiatric institution, anyway.)

4.  Since I was a young child, every time I drive by a cemetery, I look to see if it’s a place I want to be buried.  When we lived in the NYC metropolitan area, I was always distressed at the way the graves were jammed up so close to each other, and that in some places the coffins were buried vertically, in order to make more room.  I used to tell my parents not to bury me there, because I wanted a place with more “elbow room.”  What was I thinking?  I have since decided that I would prefer to be cremated. I was not morose about my plot-shopping.  I just thought I was being practical.  Plus I wanted to know where I should do some dancing before I die.)

5.  Almost every single thing I originally planned for my life has not happened.  I am grateful that God had much better ideas.  Really.  I mean really!

6.  Even though I recognize that perfection, in terms of my accomplishments, is an unattainable goal, I still reach for it, and continue to be disappointed when I don’t achieve it.

7.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, “I am never quite so dumb as when I think I’m being smart.” That has become for me a sort of “Murphy’s Law.”  I am learning, as I grow older, to limit how often I think I am being smart. As Oscar Wilde said. “I am no longer young enough to know everything.”

8.  Promises are important to me, and when I promise to do something, I will almost always follow through.  However, the time-frame is often skewed!

9.  I  used to believe that “most people” thought and believed the way that I do.  I don’t know how or where on earth I got that idea.  I now realize that I do not, nor have I ever had, my finger on the pulse of the nation.

10.  The very happiest and most joyous moments of my life have been when I am in the company of family and/or friends.  The very saddest and heartbreaking moments of my life have been when I am in the company of family and/or friends.  Of both, I have had and continue to have countless happy moments, and of the sad moments, I have had just enough. . .

*(If it is passed on to you, the same “rules” apply.  But I hope you will see this not as a burden, but something fun, and the honor that I would like for it to be.  But please feel absolutely no pressure to accept the award!   I will understand completely!)